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i would have to say mokuba from YuGiOh.. because he's just so kawaii ^_^ heart of course, that'll probably change in a week.. but hey, he is right now! i also like vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, because i love the way he's always struggling to be as good as Goku. It's so intense and pationate heart _ heart the perfect story material! biggrin
Wolfwood is my ultimate luv in any and all animes. I swear to god I'm gonna find the dumbass who decided to send him to an early grave and shove the bazooka end of the Cross Punisher down their throat! stressed Poor Nic-san crying I seriously cried the first time I saw that epp... Anyway... Wolfwood is my fav!
My favorite characters are trunks from dbz,hiei from yu yu hakusho,tetsuo from akira
The sexiest are tina from dead or alive,sakura from street fighter and the one from tenchi moiyu
least fav is balrog from street fighter there is more but cant think of any right now
i would marry sakura from tenchi she is just to damn hott
I don't know if anyone has even seen a trigun poster where Legato and Vash are mixed together. That would be my favorite character. ohhh...thinking about it gives me goosebumps. hehe. I thought Legato was a great villian, except for I wish he had more of a part.
Tao Ren Tao Ren Tao Ren Tao Ren Tao Ren i love him more than i love my ninja boys
i think Nicholas D Wolfwood from Trigun is such a sezzy beast!
Hottest Guys to me
Chichiri-Fushigi Yuugi
Yuuhi-Ayashi no Ceres
Clef-Rayearth OAV's
Ken-Weiz Krauz

Girls I think are gorgeous

of course their are a lot more in each
The sexiest anime character is Tao Ren. Tao Ren is Too Damn Sexy for other anime characters to exist on the same page. Well, maybe with the exception of CC Sakura... Sakura Sakura Sakura heart
Hmmm... My favourite anime character is Naruto or RockLee... But i cannot say that i think an anime character is sexy... I cant understand how you can gett off to that... No thanks.. real girls for me...
In anime I would have to say that Favriot hero would probably be (god there are alot of good ones) Spike Spigel. The pilot, Bruce Lee, Gunman is hard to defeat. His Character is Sweet indeed, Comical and he has such a well developed past. Or

Best Villan goes to Haijime Saito from Rurouni Kenshin. Totally badassed. Nothing escapes his fangs... Except Kenshin and Shishio... But thats besides the point.
for some bizarre reason i am strangely attracted to villains. o_o their badness makes me hot. 3nodding so...yeah. legato bluesummers, sephiroth, and sesshoumaru are some of my favorites.
Aoshi from Rurouni Kenshin
Aya from Ayashi no Ceres
Hotohori from Fushigi Yuugi
Aya/Ran from Weiss Kreuz
and ECLIPSE from Demon Diary. Which is technically a manga, but that's OKAY.
My all time favorite Bishounen man is Hiei Jaganshi from Yu Yu Hakusho!
Soooooooooooooooooo adorable!!! redface I love his compact body and he's sooooooo incredibly kawaii because of his height, and to have such an attitude with it! I also love his eyes, so big and tempting.

And my favorite bad guy... hmm... I'd have to think about that one. Most likely, Sesshoumaru, because he has such a cool and calm attitude and those eyes are to die for, just like Hiei's! I also love that big fluffy tail of his! ^_^

o.O I hope my friend doesn't see this... she's a HUGE SESSY FAN... and to see my post on her 'Fluffy Poodle from Hell'.... WHAAA!!!! SHE'S GONNA BEAT ME UP!!! crying

o.O Whoopsy! Anyway... um.. yeah... THAT'S IT! ^_^

I think p-chan/Ryoga in ranma 1/2 is very cute whee and i also like Zelgradis in Slayers (dunno if i spelled the name right)

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