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Go vash!

He is soooo cute!! heart
Desna-kun! You're so wonderful! ^^ Finally taking action...tis better than people just complaining about the spamming and repitition of boards.

Well..oO; The sexiest anime characters? Nuriko and Miaka. They're damn sexy. *Nods to this* Cutest? Shippou-Chan is kawaii! ^^ My favorite? Nuriko! *Claps* Muh Nuriko! Woohoo!!
Hmm... Fave villain? Not really a villain but an antagonist/lackey...

Rai-dei the Blade from Trigun. He kicked a serious amount of a** for what little time he was on.
Spike from cowboy bebop...
He's just so cool xd
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whee Sanz˘ of gensomaden saiyuki *.* ! whee
fave character/s: entire cast of CB, gojyo, hakkai (from the manga, haven't seen the anime), lain iwakura, d, vash

villain: vicious, meier link
My favorite anime character would definetely be Seta Soujiro. He has the no-feeling, no-attitude but to kill. I know that a lot of other anime has them but he's still looks like a kid! xp

Favorite manga would be Love Hina. The anime is nice and all but the freezes they made in the manga is definetely hilarious. lol

Favorite villain... now that's something. I'd go with Ashram of Lodoss War. Very nice moves, and deadly opponent... not to mention kick a** girlfriend.
i like waaaaay too many but my favorite sezzy man is TASUKI ^_^ *snuggle cuddles him*
But the all time sezzy a** bishie ever is Spike Spegiel and you ALL know it!!
redface there's no villain as good as him!
Hakuro, from the anime show on adult swim FLCL, is the sexiest anime character ever created. Period.
I'm obsessed with ghost in the shell since I got it!!I think Motoko Kusanagi is so sexy!!She's not the tipical silly girl, she's intelligent, the best agent and her body is perfect....she has nothing left!!! heart
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Sexiest Villan: Fluffy-sama!! blaugh Go Sesshomaru! Gotta love the fuzzie thingie!!
Favorite: Kurama, he's a true Renaissance man. Yohko's great too, but Kurama's nicer...he loves his mommy whee
heart Yami is the bishounen I currently have in a cage, and have claimed heart I also like Vash. Those are my favorites, but I have a huge list...
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Favorite Villian - Fuuma
I chose Fuuma Monou from X as my favorite Bishie-Villian. He is just so sexy and sexier when he turns evil! Plus I melt each time I hear his Japanese seiyuu from the OVA series speak semi-seductively to Kamui-kun. whee

Favorite Bishounen - Legolas!
Nah. I know LotR does not count as an anime, but Legolas is SO HOT!!! I can't help but mention him. Damn, he's a sexy Elf Prince. crying I want him to marry me.

I have more, but I'll spare you all my nonsense. I need to go get my some more sugar so I can be hyper tonight! CANDY!!!
my favorite anime char is by far, Haruko of FLCL, but as for sexiest, i'd have to go with Faye Valentine of Cowboy Bebop.. my favorite bishie is Nuriko of Fushigi Yuugi. heart heart heart
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think my favorite sexy woman is Oscar from Rose of Versailles. Love her looks, her strength, everything.

guys... that's gonna take longer.

my first major obsession was Saitoh Hajime from Rurouni Kenshin. HE is majorly sexy. ^^ perhaps it's the police outfit, perhaps it's that oh so dangerous lone wolf-ness, but any way you look at it, yum.

Hiko from the same series was a close second. How can you not find that overwhelming self confidence appealing? he *sparkles*.

Let's see, then there's Daryoon and Narsus from Legend of Arislan, shuri and ageha and a slew of other men from Basara *___*, Hatori Ayame and Shigure from Fruits Basket, Dr. Jackal from GetBackers.... etc. etc. etc.

Yes... I think my favorites might be Ageha and Asagi from Basara. Ageha's so self sacrificing, would do anything for Sarasa, has that whole tragic past thing going for him, and he's so in love with Shidou... *__* *heart beats wildly* And Asagi's need for love and attention just gets to me.

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