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Like with the Favorite Anime sticky, because of the numerous favorite/sexiest anime character/villain/bishounen/bishoujo/anime girl/fighter/catgirl/whatever threads popping up every day, it was decided to create a sticky specifically for these recurring topics.

In this sticky you can discuss...

  • which characters/villains/fighters/catgirls (whatever you can think of) are your favorites and why
  • which characters you think are the most attractive/sexy/bishie/cute/etc
  • which characters you think are the strongest/dumbest/smartest/etc
  • which character you want to be/replace/make real/etc
  • which characters are your least favorite and why you dislike them
  • which pairings, real or otherwise, do you want to see/like?
  • which animal/creature/mecha/etc are your favourites and why
  • which weapons/powers/abilities you find to be the coolest/lamest/flashies/etc and which ones you want
  • which character you'd like to marry/be trapped on an island with/go on a date with/team up with to save the world/kill or humiliate/steal from/bake cookies with (whatever you can think of)
  • who is your favorite voice actor?
  • and all similar questions

If you change your mind about your favorite you can post again later. Just don't spam.

All current and future threads in the main forum and subforums asking about favorite characters or similar will be either locked, moved to Chatterbox, or deleted.

Please stay on topic. All spam and unrelated posts in this thread will be deleted.
Thank you. I love you. Now I can visit daily again!
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Kagato from Tenchi Muyo. He is the BEST villian in my book. ^___^ And... the sexiest anime character would have to be Sephiroth from FFVII. Mainly because I read Sephiroth yaoi stuff. lol

Update on July 5th, 2010: Wow, this post of mine is about 7 years old and people -still- quote it. I'm horribly embarrassed of it but it's too hilarious to take down or edit. Beware, old Gaians. Your words will be brought back to haunt you. >=3~
hehe I have WAY too many bishies that I like to list here redface I'm just really obsessed. My fave bishie, though, would have to be Kurama. In my eyes, he just personifies the perfect guy; he reminds me of your typical, sweet, romantic high school guy with a twist ^^ That's what I REALLY like about him heart It helps that I think he's totally hot too *blush* I mean, I've already had, like, 4 dreams with him in it ^^;; Anyway, that's why I like Kurama whee lol
Ahem. Some of you may see this coming if you know me. Those who don't... bah! Where have you been living that you don't know me? The Marianas Trench?!

Jestful raillery aside, the greatest superhero is, without a doubt, Lina Inverse from the manga (and anime) series The Slayers!

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(Lina owns you!)

Ah he ha ha ha... I can hear the cries of 'foul' and 'boo' already.

Why do I pick her? Let me list the reasons.

She is young. Even at such a tender age as, oh, fifteen-sixteen, she is very smart, has a good head about her (in terms of common sense), and does she control a vast amount of magical power! The latter was learned and gained only through the pure drive to be the best, the most powerful, and an inferiority complex developed during the ten years she lived in the shadow of her 'perfect' sister. Sorcerers are cool, too...

Her attitude towards life is to live it and continue living it despite what happens. Even if something terribly grim happens (like big bad dude Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo's resurrection), she just picks up the slack where others have left it, and she challenges to do something which she is not even sure that she can do. Her will is amazingly powerful, refusing to give up and all that. She has her dreams to live a lavish and famous life, after all.

Along with her zest for life comes a zeal for food. I have to like a character that I can compare with... I'm a huge food enthusiast. Whenever I have the chance at foreign cuisine, I'm there!

She's not morally uptight, either! I've grown to dislike heroes who are, like, 'justice must prevail!' and all that stuff. She's kind of a quasi-hero, and only to those that know her. To the general populace, her name is likened with 'The Enemy of All Living Things' and 'The Girl That Leaves Destruction and Terror In Her Wake.' In reality, she contributed to the halting of Shabranigdo's return to power, the destruction of Gaav (a very powerful Mazoku -- a servant of darkness and chaos -- in her world), and the destruction of Hellmaster Phibrizzo (ditto, but more powerful than Gaav). She did not do this alone; another thing I like about her is that she knows her limits and gets help when she needs it.

Not being the goody two-shoes person that I dislike, she makes a living out of 'bandit killing.' This involves tracking one of multiple bands of brigands, thieves, bandits, rogues, etc.; thrashing their camp, killing the leader, scattering the members, and taking their loot for her personal use. She figures that spending the riches the bandits stole will put the money back into the economical circulation between merchants and countries, so she's servicing both the public and herself at the same time!

Of course, that is just an excuse. She tends to be coarse in her language (though not too coarse), greedy, self-minded, and selfish. In the end, though, she has the best interest of humanity (the good part, anyway) at heart.

The facts that she is a GIRL (a redhead, at that) and has one hell of a snappy fashion sense (I LURVE asymmetrical!) round out my reasons for loving the Sorceress Supreme, Lina Inverse!

As a sidenote, I plug my fanfic-in-progress of The Slayers' descendants here. XD

Slayers Forth!

If you read it, review it, damn it! >:O



"So, do you know the meaning of overkill, Rina?"

I recall how I've heard that one too many times as I give Judas an angry stare. "Shut up!"

Wooo!! Woo!! Go Keihou! LINA INVERSE RULES!

But being the female I am, I would have to go for Lina's missing other half. Tasuki (if you've been to most Lina Inverse Shrines, and tasuki and looked at look alikes, you'll know what I mean). *sigh* although my dear Tasuki-chan isn't as smart as Lina-sama. Tasuki's my favorite because through all that bad-boy exterior is an extremly sensitive side, and he's extremly loyal, a good fighter, and sexxxie!! heart
I like the evil white-haired bishies. Zechs Merquise from Gundam Wing, Vicious from Cowboy Bebop, Sesshomaru from Inuyasha, Rociel from Angel Sanctuary, all of them are bishies to die for. *melts*
I love Angel Sanctuary, trigun (vash is so sexy heart ), gundam wing, digi charat, saber marionette, R. kenshin..... Various...

heart heart
So many bishies for me...well, my top three would be:::

1.) Inuyasha, cuz he's cute, sometimes funny, protective, strong, and for some reason I like guys with attitudes like his ^_^;

2.) Setsuna.....cuz I like bad-boys, though in the end he isn't really one, but I like how he trys to hide how sensitive and caring he really is...kinda like Inuyasha in fact ^_^;

3.) Hmmm.....let's see, probably Kazuki from Duel....I like him cuz he can be cute, really smart, caring, and why not like a guy that all the other girls are after!?

Ok...there they are....in NO particular order whee
Too many to count
Hilde from Ah!My goddess is one of the bes vilains in my mind. Urd is one of my favs too because she's sexy and half-demon, half-goddess which makes her a combination of two extremeties.

Lina is cool too. I love squall and I got a special place in my heart for Sailor Saturn.
Sexiest: Asuka from Eva/ Mizuho from Onegai Teacher/ Suzuki from Confeidentail Confessions(manga)/ man..theres a lot more. i just cant rattle them off the top of my head
My fav is Rei Ayanami...she's hot and just cool
Best villian...Ashrom is cool, so i Shishio and...does Saito count or aoshi? no probably not...so Ashrom
...now i forgot the rest of the question... sweatdrop
my favorite villans are prolly....

Legato from Trigun, Sessho from Inuyasha, Treize Kushrenada from Gundam Wing(if you wanna call him a villian).

Sexiest - Naru Narusegawa from Love Hina xd
I think that Motoko Aoyama is the best! A 16 year old female samurai (ronin?), that has a thing (thing as in a want to kill) for Keitaro. Not only is she in a good anime/manga, but she is also very cool. Simply put: my favorite female anime character! xp

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