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Log Horizon is the anime that I like the most ! I really love the "trying to survive in an online game" concept ( So that's why I like SAO too , even though i'm not crazy for SAO 2 ... yet )
Free is also an AMAZING anime ! I love the cuteness ( and the hotness ) of Free
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My favourite anime is No Game No Life heart the plot is interesting and i love the chracters
I didn't like the ending cuz cliffhanger. I NEED SEASON 2
•Which is your favorite movie/OAV/series/etc?
I wouldn't say I have a favourite anything but when it comes to anime there is an anime that I prefer to watch over many others and actually has the ability to be watched over and over again.
This anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion.

•Which anime is the funniest/saddest/scariest/dumbest/etc?
There is no anime I find sunny sadly and I never found one TRULY sad *opinion* though when it comes to sadness I'd say neon genesis Evangelion does a good job of portraying how people deal with sadness and well emotions overall it also shows the scariness that well to be honest is life how it sucks and people behave like it doesn't unless you've gotten to that point of inner peace

•Which anime is the most over-rated/worst/annoying/etc?
I personally don't think there's any over-rated or bad anime, yet there is some anime that I don't really care for in certain aspects

•Which anime is the most obscure/oldest/popular/newest anime you've seen?
Trigun is most obscure, old, and popular anime I've ever seen and I thoroughly enjoyed it

•Which anime made you cry/scream/giggle/etc?
There really hasn't been an anime that'd I've show much emotion from besides enjoyment

•Which anime were better as a manga, and vice versa?
I'd have to say Yu-Gi-Oh here but I really don't read much manga

•Which anime do you want to see as a live action?
I don't want to see any anime as a live action film/series

•Which anime/manga do you wish was real/live in?
If there was an anime I could live in I'd choose .Hack

•Which anime has your favourite scenes? What are they?
Neon Genesis Evangelion has scenes I have enjoy again and again though the truth is it took a while (a few years) to actually appreciate and relatively understand the series and the last 2 episodes are the most inspiring scenes I've ever seen in an anime

•Which anime has the best/worst/most romantic/etc ending?
Mia and Light Yagami's relationship in Death Note just hurt to watch because it was utterly pointless

•Which do you prefer, anime or manga?
it's not that I prefer anime over manga I get the opportunity to experience anime WAY more frequently than manga in general

•Which anime quotes do you like? What are they?
I definitely enjoy philosophical quotes such as

"Science has made us gods before we are worthy of being men" Ritsuko Akagi from Neon Genesis Evangelion

"Understanding 100% of anything is impossible. That’s why we spend all our lives trying to understand the thinking of others. That’s what makes life so interesting."
Kaji Ryoji from Neon Genesis Evangelion

•Which anime are you currently watching?
Cowboy Bebop

•What is your favorite anime genre?
I don't have one I'll watch enough just depends on who recommends it

•Subtitles or Dubbing?
I prefer subs
my favorite animes are initial d and shoujo kakumei utena
Q: Which is your favorite movie/OAV/series/etc?

A: Dragon Ball all the way to Z. I watched it all the way to Z starting with Dragon Ball and it's a more marvelous experience that way. Makes it far far greater to see the truly marvelous anime that Z was. It wasn't simply Z. It was a continuation and growth for the young Goku.

Q: Which anime is the funniest/saddest/scariest/dumbest/etc?

A: The funniest to me would have to be "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei". If you're on any kind of substance like Marijuana (Not that I condone the use of such things) it would probably be one hell of a trip to do that AND watch the mayhem of nonsensical ******** that the anime itself was. The opening could give mental breakdowns of utter "DaFuqness" every second. The saddest would have to be either "Clannad After Story" or "Angel Beats". Probably After Story. The dumbest would have to be the retardation that is known only as Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. I would never watch that at all unless I was being paid $50,000.00 per episode with a review to go along with each one.

Q: Which anime is the most over-rated/worst/annoying/etc?

A: Overrated for me would have to either be Attack On Titan, Gurren Lagann, or any of the previous HST (Naruro, One Piece, and Bleach). They're great in their own right, but not worth the deconstructive bashing of any other anime without actually watching said anime's (For fun and not just to compare them to the former HST). The worst and most annoying would go to Bobobo again.

Which anime is the most obscure/oldest/popular/newest anime you've seen?

A: The most obscure I've personally ever seen is "Sokihei M.D Geist" (Demon-Garbed M.D Geist/Most-Dangerous Soldier Geist). The oldest would have to be "Momotarō no Umiwashi". The most popular one is debatable for me cause I don't know of any current surveys. But to list off a few would include things like "Madoka Magica", "The World God Only Knows", "Dragon Ball Z", "Cowboy Bebop", "Sword Art Online", and a few of the Gundam series amongst other shows. The newest would be Space Dandy Season 2.

Q: Which anime made you cry/scream/giggle/etc?

A: Only Clannad and After Story actually made me cry. There are too many that made me scream for various reasons (Non that involved fear but more so rage) and just about any comedy can make me LMAO. Specially things like "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei" and Nichijou.

Q: Which anime were better as a manga, and vice versa?

A: I never think anime are better as manga for the same reasons that Comics work better in cartoons. Animation can more easily portray situations and such and actually give us better perspective on the actions of the characters. We can see Superman actually going light speed instead of a still picture saying he did. Now if it's about what should have just stayed as a manga then I wouldn't know. I haven't seen anything bad enough like that other than Bobobo.

Q: Which anime do you want to see as a live action?

A: I really want to see Poke'mon as an adult comedy feature length film in a theater near me. I wanna see Ash as a grown a** man spewing curse words every time he loses in either the final 8 or the league finals.

Q: Which anime/manga do you wish was real/live in?

A: Dragon Ball GT. The Black Star Dragon Balls can grant any wish. ANY. I can wish to be able to be the master of the balls and to be able to have my way with them in any way. Even to go to another anime verse. Suck it gods. I'm takin over your generic harems of women and dumping all of em off into other verse with guys who would appreciate them and mesmerize them with badass. I wonder how they'd behave if they were Goku's harem? Cause despite Chi-Chi being a completely evil woman, Goku would never leave her for anyone. And these harem bitches seem like they'd waste their lives away on pursuing one guy and dissing all the other guys. Assuming that non of em are mother freakin Son Goku of all people. Nicest guy you'll ever meet, but he doesn't need a woman all the time to save his a**. Not even to cook his own dinner. He'd hunt for that s**t. But if you wanna tempt him with a feast of roasted duck, fried rice, chashu pork in ramen, and those steamed broccoli stick things you find in Chinese resturaunts, you may have some form of weapon on him.

Q: Which anime has your favourite scenes? What are they?

A: My favorite scenes would be the ones where Goku transforms into his Super Saiyan transformations and the feels scenes from Clannad and After Story. Also anything from "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei" and Nichijou. So freakin hilarious

Q: Which anime has the best/worst/most romantic/etc ending?

A: The best ending would have to be the ending to Clannad After Story. It felt so satisfying. I was praying so much for it to have a happy ending despite it looking impossible. And as if heard by the lord himself, there it was. I think the worst ending to an anime I ever saw was the ending of Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito. The ending was pathetic. I half expected it to be as full of garbage as it was in the end, but I still expected the protagonist to get what she was looking for. Not that reincarnation garbage. The most romantic ending would have to be the ending to Inuyasha.

Q: Which do you prefer, anime or manga?

A: I prefer anime over manga in terms of visual appeal, depth, and understanding. Manga in terms of over all length. Usually an anime takes a LOOOONG time to catch up to an actual manga that isn't as big as the former HST were.

Q: Which anime has the worst/best/most mangled/etc dub/sub/raw?

A: I think Speed Racer had the most "so bad it's good" dub. The worst dub in general would have to be the dubs of One Piece (4Kids version) and the movies of "Yu Yu Hakusho".The best dub would have to be the dub of Death Note and Dragon Ball Z (for the fact that the Funimation dub matches most of the characters far better). The most mangled? I'd say it's the same as worst so yeah. I can't think of a worst sub I've ever seen since most don't fall under the crap factor to me. But the best would be the sub of Fate/Zero as of now. This just usually changes on a whim. Almost like a grace I choose to give when I'm in the mood.

Q: Which anime quotes do you like? What are they?

A: "I'm in despair! This *Insert reason to be despaired* has left me in despair!" & "AND A TOILET SEAT COVER!!!" (Sunohara's epic quote done epicly and hilariously after every sentence... For a while.)

Q: Which anime are you currently watching?

A: Rokujouma No Shinryakusha, Space Dandy Season 2, Sword Art Online Season 2, and Mazinkaiser Skl.

Q: What is your favorite anime genre?

A: I don't have a favorite. Just some that I absolutely cannot and will not stand for sitting down for at all no matter what happens to me. Specifically anime solely built to pander to the sexuality or sexual theme preferences of fandoms. Such as a Yuri anime solely about girls kissing and having sex, a Yaoi of similar aspects, and an ecchi harem anime built to pander to horny teens alone.

Q: Subtitles or Dubbing?

A: Subtitles. Dubbing I get more disappointments from despite all the genuine expectations I put into hoping that it's the next best Death Note in terms of dubbing. Usually it's either okay or horrible for me. Subtitles tend to never go down below the factor of "meh" or okay.

Surprisingly out of all the fandoms I can't stand it's actually the Yuri community that I cant stand over most others and not the Yaoi community. Most of the ones I know and have talked to are raging man haters and only pretend to be decent civil people when it comes to their tastes. But in private with more of their kind, they let it all out about how terrible any anime centered on a male is or how shitty an anime is when it's not a female in the role of the main character. They basically will try and tell you how they don't think a male in an anime is inherently bad, and some are good at hiding their true colors with fancy words that seem to make sense to the untrained person. But when you look at the majority of their posts on forums, it's either about how bad a male being suddenly put into a series in any kind of non evil villainous role or non douchebag NPC role is, or how such a thing would ruin the series. They're the kind of people who watch Yuri and claim it as the most pure thing in existence by nature and superior to any other sexuality by nature, but deep down think that if their female characters have any interactions with a non douchey male who's nice and not out to rape people, then it automatically becomes an adulterous harem that disgraces the Yuri goodness of the show and makes the female weak and defensless (When it's not a given), even when their is only slight subtext and blatant interest in the male species. The Yaoi community isn't too far off though in terms of annoyance. Where the Yuri community packs a larger assortment of "Weapons" per say, the Yaoi community only has, and needs, one single weapon to do so. I don't need to know how hot guys on guys are. I don't need to know how it makes it so much better to watch "Boku No Pico" or "Gakuen Heaven" over Dragon Ball or Z. And that alone is stupid and impossible anyways. Specially when Boku No Pico hardly is anything but professionally made porn of gay effeminate little boys. Sick s**t dood.
whisper of the heart

saddest would be grave of the fireflies

oldest is astro boy, newest....attack on titan I guess


pokemon live would be...interesting
the anime i am currently watching is angel beats 4laugh
i prefer subtitles to dubbing but my siblings love the dubbed version stressed
so i've been out voted even though they're watching it on MY computer
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-Movie: Spirited away/ Series: used to be Naruto now I love One Piece and Hunter x Hunter

-Funniest: One Piece/ Saddest: Angel Beats

-Over-rated: Fairy Tail (sorry don't kill me)

-Oldest: Dragonball (for me anyways)/ Newest I've seen: Akame Ga Kill

-Cry: Fruits Basket (when I first saw it)/ Giggle: Ouran Highschool host club

-Better as a manga: Tokyo Ghoul (I liked the anime but it's different than the manga)

-Favorite scene: Ichigo going hallow, zoro getting angry, The hero having a strong alter ego take over

-Most Romantic: Kimi ni todoke

-Anime or Manga: I like both

-Worst Dub: One Piece/ Worst in Japanese: Fruits Basket ( Yuki sounds like a girl, just no)

-Quote: " I always thought life was about standing your ground no matter how strong the current was, but going with the flow isn't so bad after all as long as it takes you forward"-Nana

-Currently Watching: Pandora Hearts

-Favorite Genre: Shounen and Shoujo

-Subtitles unless it's Inuyasha or Fruits Basket then dubbed.

I would just like to say I've watched many different kinds of anime but for some reason drew a lot of blanks when answering this so yeah my list isn't as perfect as I would like. sweatdrop
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Which is your favorite movie/OAV/series/etc?
My favorite movies would have to be The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and The Garden of Words But my favorite series are definitely Guilty Crown and K Project

Which anime is the most obscure/oldest/popular/newest anime you've seen?
The oldest anime I've seen is pretty much tied with Naruto and Tokoyo Mew Mew since they were my first animes I watched.

Which anime made you cry/scream/giggle/etc?
Guilty Crown made me cry and giggle the most.

Which do you prefer, anime or manga?
I like both to be honest. But I like more action in anime and more romance in manga.

Which anime are you currently watching?
I'm currently watching Kuragehime

What is your favorite anime genre?
A mix of action, romance, comedy, and a few other thing.

Subtitles or Dubbing?
Really depends on the anime.

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