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My favourite anime -thinks- i like a lot to be honest and haven't seen a lot of the older shows but if i had to pick i would have to say Baccano and Durarara since i like the way they created a story with a wide range of characters which you grow to love as well as the comedy and horror/gore that is added in and i found the story genuinely interesting.

I also have to say that Black butler holds a place among my favourites because i really like the setting and characters plus having watched the anime, musicals and movie on top of being completely caught up with the manga it is hard for it not to be one of my favourites. I loved the way they made an adaption of the Circus arc as it was probably my favourite arc from the manga and was really happy with how it turned out which also helped Black Butler get higher on my favourites list.

As for dubbed or subbed anime well i like both if i am watching something like Naruto or Black Butler i will watch it dubbed since with naruto being a longer series i feel that it might help me progress further in a shorter amount of time as it takes less concentration to watch dubbed and with Black Butler i watched it dubbed because of the setting and felt that watching it subbed wouldn't have the same effect. So either works for me.
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I think my latest favorite would have to be No Game No Life.
I just love the characters and their interactions with the world.

I also enjoy keeping up with the newest seasons of SAO and Log Horizon.

If you haven't already, I'd suggest checking out MyAnimeList. Along with describing the anime themselves, I've found the recommendation tab very helpful in finding new stuff.
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Which is your favorite movie/OAV/series/etc?
-Movie is probably Ponyo.
Which anime is the funniest/saddest/scariest/dumbest/etc?
-Funniest is one-piece.
Which anime is the most over-rated/worst/annoying/etc?
-For me it's Kill la Kill.
Which anime is the most obscure/oldest/popular/newest anime you've seen?
Which anime/manga do you wish was real/live in?
-Honestly, probably dbz.
Which anime has your favourite scenes? What are they?
-Again, dbz. The powerup scenes have gotten me pumped from the beginning.
Which do you prefer, anime or manga?
-Anime, definitely. Manga just doesn't have the same feeling for me. For example, reading about goku going super saiyan will not get me very hype.
Which anime has the worst/best/most mangled/etc dub/sub/raw?
-One piece's sub has a lot of errors.
Which anime are you currently watching?
-One piece, naruto and inuyasha are at the top. Others I am just experimenting with such as clannad.
What is your favorite anime genre?
Subtitles or Dubbing?
-Either. Depends on voices. Some voices I hate in either language.
It's pretty hard to mark out just one favorite series. But if it's OAV, I like Salamander, the cartoon version of the famed Nintendo game (known in the US as Gradius). That was a pretty well done adaptation.
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I dont have any fav anime/manga~
I love alot of mangas and animes, and i guess i just cant decide ><!!
I think im going to try watching some animes/ mangas people said they were their
Favs. Wish me luck xD !
I really like unique mangas/ animes that make it look like the genre have another side .

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