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Hajime no Ippo is my favorite anime of all time because it's so much more than a boxing anime. It flawlessly combines drama, comedy, and action. The characters are well developed, and you'll find yourselves rooting for the "bad guys" often. Actually, there are no bad guys. Every boxer has a reason to fight. If you haven't seen this series yet, then you're missing out on a great show. It's been recently licensed by Geneon and will be released mid 2004. Here's the official japanese website: Hajime no Ippo . I love shows like Naruto and One Piece, but this show is at the top of my list.
naruto (though it's ongoing so who knows, i might hate it later on, hehe) and cowboy bebop!
blaugh trigun is my favorite anmie cuz it has action, drama, and is extermely random 3nodding domokun
i like shaman king kus hao is the hottest guy in the world!!!!!!!!!!
next to kenshin (i like rurouni kenshin too)
and .hack //sign is pretty kewl.. 3nodding
I like
*serial expiriments lain
* love hina
well i mostly or only.. DBZ
'cause.. i'm in the Dorky Baller Zone!
My favourite anime would have to be, onegai teacher, not so well known, but i like it because, a) it has a really good story line and it's kinda a wierd but you know. B) it relate's to my life alot. c) an emotional series that i can really get attached to, im all up for those relationship anime's. But dont get me wrong anime does not rule my life, although anime is the bomb yeah.
My alltime favorite would have to be Ranma . I like to watch things that makes me laugh, and I've been following the series (as both anime and manga) off and on since a few years back.

For the moment, however, I'm totally engrossed with Berserk and Hellsing! smile
i loke fushigi yuugi cuz i dunno but i guess i like the plot of the story and the charactors are really funny! biggrin
soccer girl
i loke fushigi yuugi cuz i dunno but i guess i like the plot of the story and the charactors are really funny! biggrin

oops i ment like not loke! redface
Inu Yasha bc he has an awesome sword. And Miroku is cool. Nice wind tunnel wink
Hunter X Hunter because i like japanese old mythological stuff
I would have to say that Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is my favorite anime, mostly cuz it was my first anime, and everytime I watch it, it either makes me laugh (as it's supposed to) - make me cry (especially when the Inners and Uranus and Neptune die crying ). I think it's just one of those feel-good animes. But I also like Yuu Watase's Fushigi Yuugi (Tamahome is HOT heart ) and her lesser-known anime Ayashi No Ceres/Ceres:Celestial Legend. (Tooya's mine too! ::huggles: smile I could list a LOT more, but I'll leave off with Shoujo Kakumei Utena - that show is deeper than people give it credit for. eek
my favorite anime whold be one piece or naruto.
Cowboy Bebop... with FLCL at a close second... no question...

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