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My favorites, wow, I have a lot, ^^;; the ones I love the best are...

Slayers (season 1 and Next), Gundam Wing, Rah Xephon (*drool*), Escaflowne, Saber Marrionette R, Saber Marrionette J, Saber Marionett J-X, Saber Marionette J Again!, Fruits Basket, Chobits, Digimon, Ranma 1/2: Nihao my Concubine, Inu-Yasha, and a lot of others I'm sure I can't remember right now. X3;;

I've seen a lot, but these are the ones that I've always gone back to watch again.
Fave anime...woo, hard topic. I've got a tie between three series. Slayers, Ranma 1/2, and Inu-Yasha. I can never get tired of any of these. The randomness! The drama! The battles! The scarfing off foodstuffs! I worship Takahashi-sensei and...er....the...two people who did Slayers. I'm totally blanking on their names right now. Urusei Yatsura*Lum is a great series too, but it's way to hard to find it nowadays.

I'm also a big fan of Tenkuu no Escaflowne, but there's only so much of Hitomi's indecision one can take.
My fave manga is most positively Jing fave anime is FFU. I like jing 'cause most of the baddies are realy funny like for instance clockadile he has really stupid things he says but he cracks me up xd stressed But I hate Master gear that is one scary but dumb person. Now for FFU I've only seen like four epasodes but it's funny how the chocabo bites that girl alot xd shes not the sharpist tool in the shied domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun
BIG BIG BIG fan of Escaflowne.... I havn't seen it in so long, though, which really sucks. I also like Neon Genesis Evangelion and I'm sure that I'll like Trigun once I watch it.

heart tara xoxo
My favourite anime?!
Fushigi Yuugi
Rurouni Kenshin
Inu Yasha
Ayashi No Ceres
NARUTO! <i love it!>
Ah! My Goddess!
Sailor Moon whee sweatdrop (SUB)
Anime-wise, I'm in love with Serial Experiments Lain. I'm a huge follower of existentialist philosophy, and that's Lain in a nutshell.

Manga-wise, it's a three way tie between the wonderful CLAMP-work Chobits, Ken Akamatsu's comedy classic Love Hina, and the American-spawned doujinshi Megatokyo by Fred Gallagher.
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Partying Raider

my fav anime woul have 2 be inuyasha,ruroni kenshin,love hina, fushi gi yugi,oh my goddess the movie and my reason is becaus they all r so emotinonal : crying yes i cry very easily quick 2 cry just like belldandy
My favorite anime of all time is Trigun!
Why you ask?

Reasons why I like Trigun:

Well..to start off....Trigun is the anime that got me hooked(besides Tenchi Muyo) to anime. *hails Trigun*

Second...the story...just brilliant!!!!! I mean...it has action, comedy, and drama..all in one neat, package.. ^^

Also...the music is outstanding!! Tsuneo Imahori is a great composer. Also..he's my most fave!(besides Yoko Kanno).

And the characters!!! MY GOD!!! Soo great in their own unique way..And Vash has got to be one of the coolest anime characters in the history! Plus...who can't like a priest that smokes, wields a huge cross full of guns, and who is bad@$$ at the same time. Also...have u ever seen a villian that ever wore white instead of the dark colors like black & purple? Plus...Knives is a evil, psycho villian!!!

And lastly....
KURONEKO...soo kawaii!!!
My favorite anime . . . that's a very tough question. Like I tell all of my non-Otaku friends, anime is a very diverse subject. It has so many different catagories, there is something for everyone! (I then wink at them and start suggesting titles *laughs*) But I greatly enjoyed Fushigi Yuugi. It was the first anime I watched after I found out that CCS was anime. It introduced me to anime, to manga, to Japanese music and culture, to homosexuality, to all kinds of things. From that show forward, I feel that, although I may not be as anime obsessed as some, anime has really helped me to grow as a person.

Hmm, that was random.

My favorite show right now would have to be .hack//SIGN just because I've only seen a couple of episodes and now I'm dying to see the rest. biggrin
Oh... and my favourite manga is Chobits... it's great! I haven't seen the anime though...
Love Hina is my favorite because it just has that something that most other Animes just don't have! 3nodding

Well my favorite anime right now is definitely Naruto because it's interesting seeing what and how things happen without the black and white but with color! biggrin

I'm also into Love Hina and Inuyasha right now.

I'm Miroku's disciple! xp
fooly cooly its funny and confusing
Ruroni Kenshin Hands Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wink becuase its funnt and adventurous
My favorite anime of all time is the Rurouni Kenshin OVA. No, it's not because you get to see Kenshin kill ppl. It's a truely extrodinary work of art that all(of maturity) should see. It changed my life.

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