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I never have favorites of anything~

But the anime that ranks high on my list are: Last EXILE, Wolf's Rain, and Naruto.

(but then again, I like the Naruto manga over the anime.... does that count?)

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My fav anime would have to be Yu Yu Hakusho and DBZ/DBGT
I have to choose one? Just one? crying I don't think I can do that... I've seen and own so much anime, but out of all that the favorites would have to run:

The Slayers, Utena, Lain, FLCL, Inuyasha, Wolf's Rain, Hellsing
Well, the anime I like the most is Spirited Away subbed and Totoro. Classics. But a couple anime series I love are Last EXILE, Scrapped Princess, and Peace Maker Kurogane.
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hmmm... favorite anime.... there are so many! >_<

Fruits Basket, Berserk, kyouto arc and ova of Rurouni Kenshin, kare kano, Versailles no Bara, Hikaru no Go, azumanga daioh... etc. etc. etc.
I have many favorites. Though the ones people would hear me talking about are: Escaflowne, Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha (i have yet to see Ranma1/2), Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and last but not least Evangelion. My top two would be Escaflowne (it was a very good and intense anime 3nodding , tho Hitomi annoyed me at times, but this anime was very interesting just the first two eps may be a bit slow but the rest is great and paced very well. theres never a boring moment). Next would be Rurouni Kenshin (FYI- I adore this series! heart it has everything just like escaflowne tho its not as fantasy based its very good!) All the others listed are my in number three cuse i cant deside and have yet to finish most of them.
Hmm... My favorite animes would have to be Fushigi Yugi, Full Metal Panic, CCS, Spirited Away, the first season of Digimon, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, and some others I probably don't remember right now. ^_^ They're all so amazing, and they have great plots!!

Full Metal Panic is my current obsession right now. *sigh* Sousuke!! and Tess of course... ^^
My favorite is Cowboy Bebop because Spike is awesome and Ed cracks me up.
Favorite anime... Hmm... I'd say Evangelion 'cause it kinds of makes you think, and Fruits Basket. Made me realice a lot of my life lately.. both are good, but there are better, I dare to say...
My fave anime would have to definately be InuYasha, because of it being such a good anime......The Anime is done well and its really funny too.
One of my favorit animes would have to be Chobits and Fruits Basket!!! In Chobits Chii is sooooooo cute!!!! Fruits Basket is awesome to because everyone turns into animals when there huged!!!!! awwwwwwwwww 3nodding
My farorite is yu yu hakusho by far but its a hard choich i like all anime. when i see a new one i start looking it up to find out more about it. yu yu hakusho is my fovorite because it funny and has a lot of action and is't as hard to understand as others.
I think Folken from Escaflowne would be my favorite seeing as he's so wise and fit. redface xd
i think i like Beyblade because there Tala and other cute guys xd
This is an update to the post I made a while back...

Ok, now I'm into Naruto, Spiral, Avenger, and Full Metal Alchemist ^^ Whee! Must get more!!!

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