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it would be FLCL and Cowboy bebop, both are funny! and both have a good storyline!
My favorite anime would have to be Fushigi Yuugi! ^_^ All those bishounen...and the story is pretty good. Yuu Watase was impressive for making it at such a young age. Her little chat boxes to the side were funny. oO; She's a cutie...but she's about thirty now, ne? She made it when she was like...20 something. *Shrugs* But still, it's a good story.
My favorite? Hmm... Gotta be... Naruto at the moment. stare
oopsies, I mean, Evangelion
i have too many to name one...*sigh* i love hellsing because its not your typical "boy meants girl, girl likes boy, boy hates girl, girl finds another boy, boy gets jellous, boy likes girl girl runs back yay happy happy yay!" ites pretty straightforward! (and alucard...common...sexxie maaaaaaaaaaaaaan!) then ayashi no ceres simply put, fairy tales i've been reading for as long as i can remeber, put into my favorite drug in the world (anime!) plus, its eye candy...kinda like fushigi yuugi! (hehe tauski and tamahome are sooooooooooo great!!) and of course, anything by the god of anime himself (goooo gibli (sp?) studios!!!
Favorite series :
Ranma one-half - how could I not enjoy an Anime about a boy that changes
into a girl depending on wether water is hot or cold when thrown on him?
Those Who Hunt Elves : Hilarious.
Hamtaro : Cute!
There's more but it'd take too long to list them all...lol

Favorite mini-series : Labyrinth of Flames - Anime at its most extreme.

Favorite Movies : Spirited Away - I watched it , thinking I wasn't going to like it , but I was blown away by the amazing story and art.
Unico : A classic.
Kiki's Delivery Service : Proving that Anime isn't just for adults.
The Last Unicorn : Again , a classic.
Robot Carnival : Different stories , all interesting.

Least Favorite Anime movies and shows , ect. :
Akira - eww
Sorcerer Hunters (sp.) - Bad dubbing , plot , and dialogue.
Too bad too , I like the art.
Neon Genesis Evangelion. No question. It's visually stunning, has great characterization and is an altogether brilliant headtrip. I also happen to big a big fan of religious imagery. I actually have a loathing of most religion, but I still love it as mythology and it's kind of a hobby of mine, so that spin on it is cool. I've watched the whole series, plus movies, all the way through at least a dozen times and I get something new out of it every viewing. Also, it's a great series to sit and watch other people watch, especially the End of Evangelion movie. Most people, their eye will twitch and their jaw drops, confusedly. It's great.
My favourite anime has got to be Fruits Basket. Why? Because it's cute, silly and it really touched me.

Tohru-kun is just so cute, sweet and kind, and you don't meet many people like her in the real world. She's my idol! XD

And there's also Yuki who is just SO BISHIE <3 <3

Also, it sways your emotions and it makes you laugh and cry... all at once @.@;
my favourite is not sure, maybe it is Naruto, its just so fun to wait next episode, and i like ninja/martial arts anime, so it would be Naruto i think..
I dunno, lots of anime I watch is really good. Hmm, but I guess the only anime which has left the big impact on me is Initial D. It just kicked so much a**!! xd

Anyway, I also like:
Neon Genesis Evangelion ( who doesn't? )
Last Exile
Fruits Basket
And more... but I'm tired and can't really think.
I don't have a favorite. I like everything, and anything. Like...Angel Sanctuary...it has incest... xd I'm a bad girl *evil giggle*

But...I do have my anime bishonen fetishes...

DBZ: Goten
Shaman King: Yoh
Naruto: Kakashi(sp?)
Ruroni Kenshin: Kenshin
Angel Sanctuary: Setsuna
Inuyasha: Inuyasha *glomps Inu-chan*
Chobits: *little boy in glasses with Persocom model after sister*
Magic Knight Rayearth: Ferio
Sorcerer Hunters: Marron
....*can't remember any more animes* Have seen....too many...@.@
Rurouni Kenshin because it has adventure comedy action and romance it has everything a good show should have!
I think Dragonball Z is the best I like it for the action and cool ssj forms thats all rolleyes
My favorite anime is probably Rorouni Kenshin or any of the Samurai X movies because I believe it is kick a** awesome because it's the story of a wandering samurai(which is cool in its own right) who can't escape his past...its a no brainer that it would cool seeing people fight with various japanese weapons...exspecially the Shishio/Kenshin battle @ the end...if you haven't seen it, then ********' download it or buy it or something.

P.S. - Who likes my Calvin Klein Underwear model?...didn't think so.....
Do any of you guys like DBZ or am I alone stare

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