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I am part of the Harem Of Ninja Boys so I can only say Flame of Recca....



I luv CCS. heart Sakura heart

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My favorite anime is probably .hack because of the plot. Its very interesting and because its about people playing an online game, it feels like I can someday be apart of something like that too. ^_^
I also love Magic Knight Rayearth. Clamp writes so many good mangas! 3nodding
right now, Ranma 1/2... I love that series... cursed people and really funny, pretty much sums it up *nods*
My favorite anime?!? crying *SO HARD*

You just had to ask it didn't you? Oh...well I love Inuyasha...but there's Ranma 1/2 (sooo funny)....and...and Fushugi Yugi (ahh young love!), and Marmalade Boy is good, Ah! My Goddess is awsome.... AHHHH! Can't decide! stressed

HELP sweatdrop
Evangelion, becasue it had people at the end in a "huh?" state of mind hehe. Plus the various concepts behind it. 2nd FLCL... I wonder why? surprised
Inuyasha! It has everything a good anime needs(Sango and Kikyo for example). biggrin
I would have to say that my favourite anime is Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu mostly because the main character is so unsensitive and sarcastic.
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I'm really into mythology and old 14th century japan So it would have to be a tie between mantantei loki ragnarok and pm kurogane. crying though this question is really hard.
Card Captors Sakura
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Prince of Tennis
Tokyo Babylon
Weiss Kreuz
DN Angel
Gohou Drug
Yami no Matsuei
... and many more (I can never choose)

I usually perfer the manga over the anime though.
Kamikaze Kaito(u) Jeanne sweatdrop
My favorite is Ramna 1/2 because it is hilarious,like all thes things happen to him.He falls in a lake that turns him into a girl,but he turns back into a boy with hot water and turns back into a girl with cold.He'll be walking down the street and someone acciedentally droped their bathtub out the window and stuff like that happens all the time.
I also like DBZ,Cowboy Bebop,Outlaw Star,Sailormoon,Yu Yu Hakusho,and Peach Girl.
Nothing Beats Love Hina And Naruto!!! surprised
Naruto, One Piece, Shaman King, and a lot of the old shounen jump mangas. They are usually super funny and pack a lot of action.

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