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ooh cant forget inuyasha~ thx for the reminder kaiya~and pokemon ahahahaha j/k
KYAAAA!!~~!~~Elie from Rave is sooo kawaiii~~~
alot! but I love slayers the most.. dunno why....
oh yeah, I like Slayers a lot too, especially the last 2 seasons. But don't watch then dubbed! Xelloss is such a wonderful character, but the dubbed voice murders him and turns him into an annoying fooktard you want to kill
dubs kill just about everyone
My favourite Anime is Hunter X Hunter, dunno why ^^" I also like Naruto, YGO, Blue Sub 6, GunSmithCats and especially some of the old Anime like Jura Tripper or A little princess Sara ^-^
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DragonBall Z definitely! Not DBGT, just Dragonball Z. It just rocks because of the action and the cool characters!
Naruto, because he is so funny and all the other characters too and it has a well thought out story bord
Naruto, because he is so funny and all the other characters too and it has a well thought out story bord

Naruto is indeed a cool anime, with a huge bunch of great characters and a good storyline...but I can't understand how you can like naruto...I think he's an idiot, and he's got ugly clothes, too xp

My favourite Naruto character would be Kakashi...or maybe Lee...or perhaps Gaara...ARGH! Too many to choose from stressed
I love Dragon Ball Z, I can't get enough I'm happy doing my drawings
One piece is the best!(and escaflowna!) blaugh
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My all time favorite anime would have to be Pretty Gaurdian Sailor Moon! I just love everything about it! I even love the new live action series they have of it! Sailor Moon was my first anime, and it will always be my favorite. My favorite season of Sailor Moon is Sailor Stars. It is so awesome, so many plot points.

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I love love hina. It's so simple and good. It's so cool and it's kinda made for the casual anime viewer.
I must say that Berserk has caught my eye, it has a great story too it. Im only on like the 15 episode. It alos does not put the emotions in the little anime child types. For example sailor moon.

Another on is Fooly Cooly, that is also strange to me
I have a Question isnt manga anime porn?

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