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I love FLCL I think it has a awesome plot even though its confusing as hell and I also think that its very funny. Plus the animation is great and it incorperates a lot of diffrent ideas like robots, crazy people and sexual humor.
I like Vampire hunter D because D is a badass
I'd have to say my favorites (because I have more than one) are Kiddy Grade, Hellsing, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, and Serial Experiments Lain... oh, Noir too ^_^
man i love FLCL because it awsome and its just so dawm cool but its kinda confuseing. but i love the gitars that they fight with they are tight as hell so later im going to whatch it tonight with my buds. xd
I don't really have a FAVOURITE anime, more like a lot of anime that I really really like. Um... my list goes something like this...:

1)Hikaru no GO
2)Full Metal Alchemist
cool Naruto
I like chi from chobits. she's so innocent and cute. I dunno, i kinda wish that i was really innocent like that and had a guy who takes care of me and teaches me and is really hot!
My favorite anime would have to be INUYASHA!!! of course who can't be enthralled by this excellent show!! but i really get happy when Sesshou comes on the show!! he is rarely on but i love it when dose!! he shows so much control no matter what the situation!!! he demands respect and will give it to those who deserve it!!! god i love this show! it has a lot of contrasting things! like the 2 different worlds and the two brothers who are as different as day and night!!!! but i love it so much!! not to mention that there are also 2 other really hot guys on that show! and shippou is really cute!! wink heart heart wink heart heart
Fav Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion. Onegai Teacher. Oh My Goddess. Hellsing. Read or Die. Rayearth. Nightwalker. Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. Hoshi No Koe

Fav Manga: Preist. Confidential Confessions. Ragnarok
my least fav is pokemon becuase it is so retarded and annoying and weiss kreuz is a good one and ranma 1/2 and ohh inuyasha too!! heart
Neon Genesis Evangelion, no question.
It has everything...the action, the drama and the deep thoughts and submeanings to everything...it's the show that got me hooked on anime.
it's biblical refferences make it all that much cooler to me. The characters are deeper and more meaningful that most that i have encounterd. The battles are awsome, and never the same like some other series
Opening secenes: happy day
Then: something bad
Then: something else bad
Next: Fight!
Then: good beats bad
Then: Closing

Evangelion isn't like that...granted there are many series that do not conform to the above sterotype...but still.

And Rei is just plain hot wink
not to sound gay or any thing but i don't got nothing against gay people or anything like that but i have to say sailor moon becuase i like art and sailor moon was art the anime and they had vannesa mai as a violinist but right now i, m filling graves of the fireflies
oh yeah boogiepop phantom hellz yeah boogiepop phatom that was a nice creepy anime. but the death angle was Hot!!!
My favorite would have to be Serial Experiments Lain. That is one sweet show. I mean it makes you question the reality we all know, and has a lot of depth to it. The last couple episodes are really confusing but otherwise it's not too bad. I give it 2 big thumbs up.

I'm pretty new to Anime, mostly what I've seen is either what my friends are into or stuff I catch inbetween drawing or writing at Anime meetings (Shhhh, dun tell my Pres... hehe!) I do really like most of the stuff shown on Cartoon network though I'm far from passionnate about it. Kenshin is the only one I try to catch regularly and that's pretty much just for the seconds of TMR at the end... *blush*

My real favs tho, are Fruits Basket and Ceres... Closely followed by Fushigi Yuugi (I LOVE Yuu Watase's style, but the ANGST in FY got to me at times... *sniffles* LOL!)
"Evangelion" and "Tetsuwan Atom" (Astroboy)

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