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One Piece, FLCL, Lain.
One Piece is long enough for it to occupy plenty of time, and I just love it... Those who read it in Amr. Jump... You've got a long ways to go... Right now, the Jump manga version is on episode 9-ish of the TV series...
And I'm on 79 of the TV series... But it always goes that way...
FLCL is funny, has great music, and great animation...
Lain is thought provoking, and even freaky at times... Long time favorite, Lain.
I like the following:
1. Dragonball Z- ^_^ it has vegeta in it and fighting and violence...and the whole sweetest thing
2. Ayasha No Ceres- ^_^ it had tanya in it....he was so cool...and the anime was cool...
3. Hellsing- O.O it had vampires in it....^_^ I like the old guy and hellsing
4. Inu Yasha- o.o I'm not sure y I like that anime
5. there r many more but I am too lazy to look for them sweatdrop
Neon genesis Evangelion by a long shot... I got the master collection for christmas xd My second favorite would have to be a cross between Naruto (Kakashi Forever) And Gundam wing (Duo Maxwell is soo cool!)
has any body seen Gravity or hunter x hunter stare
My favorite anime would have to be Cowboy Bebop because the animation is by far the best compared to all the other animes. The character's personalities are unbeatable, and I myself can relate to Spike Spiegel a lot. And Faye Valentine, boy, she is the hottest thing in the Anime world. Cowboy Bebop has anything you want whether that be action, suspense, adventure, romance, whatever. You name it, and it has it. So that's my final answer.

Eugen wink
Inuyasha is the best anime ever it's really funny and has great art and style ................ biggrin
Favorite anime? Umm...I dunno. .hack//SIGN? I started watching it one night and got into it. Very cool computer game! ^__~ FLCL is pretty good too...
current obsession is Pretear don't know how this anime got its name... sweatdrop
Hellsing is my favorite for three resons which I will now list:
2)vampires killing people and vice cersa
3)vampires killing other vampires
4)really cool guns
I absolutly love Gravatation....and Fake! Shounin ai all the way! heart

I've probably watched that series 9-10 times straight through, and I'm still picking up new cultural referances, symbolism, and subtlies...

Runners up are Shoujo Kakumei Utena (For being there when I needed something to drive me up the wall), and Shin Seikei Evangelion (for giving me something to hack through before FLCL came out *g*)
My Favorite anime Feature film was Perfect Blue. Yoiu can't get a better written masterpiece than that with such excellent character development. PLus an ending that I totally didn't predict.
Azumanga Daioh! It's just insane! ^_^ one of the greatest things about it is that it doesn't have a storyline because it's just mindless fun
Zelse the Wandering Mage
Hellsing is my favorite for three resons which I will now list:
2)vampires killing people and vice cersa
3)vampires killing other vampires
4)really cool guns

I havn't watched the anime but I buy the manga comics of it whee
well lets see i really like Hajime No Ippo, Grappler Baki, Hellsing, Azumanga, Hunter X Hunter (i want more) uhm lets see Crest of the stars (and sequels) lets see new stuff Saiyuki Reload, Peacemaker Kuragane, Gunslinger Girl
Naruto, Hikaru No Go, One Piece
lots and lots of stuff
Bastof Lemon
Chrno Crusade
i can go on forever

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