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Whoa! I have a whole lotta favourites!

1.sailor moon series
3.soul hunter
6.love hina
7.cowboy bebop
8.excel saga
11.wild arms twilight venom
12.devil hunter yohko
13.shaman king
14.Ranma 1/2

That's most of my favourites. It you actually know too much anime and anime facts it explodes your head! Oh well!
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Music wise, Escaflowne has one of the best soundtracks out there, it has something for everyone! Definitely in it for the music and the art style (in the case of the movie).

The Slayers is freakin' hilarious, everyone's gotta love em! I haven't come across anyone yet that's said anything bad about the series. *big grin* Try has one of my favorite theme songs, to, just wish they'd bring the rest over here quicker.

I got to view some Tsubasa scans, up to book three, when that manga comes out I'm gonna be the first in line to get it- I kind of wish they'd make an anime to it, too! Karo kicks a**, enough said.

Gundam Wing is a classic, Ranma has great slapstick, Rah Xephon has got the best of like.... everything, and yeah a lot of people I know say it's like Evangelion but with a theme revolving around music, and that might be true, but I don't mind. It's easier for me to follow because I can relate to the main character. He's one of the first ones that doesn't run around accepting fate easy peasy, he's a scared seventeen year old artist that's gotta go through a lot of s**t, and he doesn't take it from anybody. He shows realistic reactions to his surroundings, especially considering that most people despise his type. I get the feeling there's gonna be some heavy drama in the end...

Those are all the picks I can remember right now.
hmmm My fav Anime...letz see...

Rurouni Kenshin
Fruits Basket
Escaflowne is pretty good
Fushigi yuugi was ok but then it got too sad so i stopped watching it
Tenchi is pretty ok...
ONe piece
Ranma 1/2

but my fav top one is RUROUNI KENSHIN~!
At the moment, it's Saiyuki, but this tends to fluctuate, so don't trust what I say. GO GOKU!!!!
I realy like Full Metal Panic, it is a great anime ^^. It is great action crossed with great comedy. And the Arm Slaves (AS) are cool 2, but far away cool as a Gundam ^^ . The serie is very (and i realy meen very) entertaining, but not perfect, but near ^^
damn i can't count the favourites!!!!!! scream
well if i have to name some, it has to be angel sanctuary, count cain, nana, akuma de sourou, and many i suddenly cannot e name..... sweatdrop
my favourite anime is kenshin!
i love him!! he's sooo cute, especially the part
he battles? against people^^ his red his also cute^^
does anybody know makibaou? the white horse with a big nose
i also like that^^
My favorite anime is Fruits Basket heart heart heart
Off cours i have other favorites to ^^

.hack//SIGN and Legend of the Twiligt Bracelet

Gundam Wing/SEED

Naruto is very good ^^

Green Green, one of the funniest anime i ever seen

Onegai Teacher/Twins, very good ^^
dragonball/z/gt and trigun!!! *Meow* omg it's the kitty!!!
I think DragonBall/Z/GT is just for "little kids", and by the way, (this is what i think) Dragonball Z is them most boring animes i ever watched, i hate 15min of power-ups and then just 5 mins fight
Kenshin, Kenshin, Kenshin! Nothing beats Kenshin! whee
I'd have to say my fav anime's would have to be Gundam Wing for the simple fact that Duo the god of death himself is in it with the Deathscythe Hell and Ranma 1/2 because its funny. My favorite Manga would have to be Ranma 1/2 cause its funnier then the show is and well i like the manga better then the show anyway
my favorite animé show are: Beyblade, Inu-Yasha, Yugi-Oh and Card Captors...wanna know why?....'coz their animations are so cute and the story lines are amazing...i don't watch any other animé because...the storyline is usually so simple and boring...Beyblade has a very simple story line...but it has very cute characters...
RUROUNI KENSHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's so cute! ^.^ i know, i'm insane.......... but yea! sexy kenshin's mine! -inside joke- honestly though, Rurouni Kenshin is my favorite, but Kaoru should die. really. she's such a drip. i know this says 'favorite anime' but i also think this MANGA deserves credit. X-Day........ it's the 'new one' by tokyopop. it's about these people that want to blow up the school ^.^ it's very poetic. yea, if anyone else has read this, please let me know! KENSHIN RULES!!!!!!!!!! k, i'm done now. wait, no, not done, call me stupid, but i like the Yu-gi-oh charries. HATE the script, think it's stupid, but the charries look really nifti. they've got this poofy hair thing going on -bakura yami yugi marik- yep. now i'm done

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