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b*****d! Has to one of my favorite for humor. Its just a great Anime and not everyone has seen it. Kenshin is also great. Love the style, fights, and story although a little overly watched and known. But if I had to go for all around fav Manga it would have to be Spriggan. Its just great. Nothing else can be said about it.
My favorite of all anime has to be D.N.Angel. I can relate to a lot of characters in the show, especially Daisuke. It has both romance and action, I love it!! Plus it has angels! I love anime with angels that can kick butt ^_^.
i just like Lupin the Third whee Go Jigen!
My favorite anime has got to be Inuyasha! Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is a very close second!
biggrin hi i am new and i love anime heart my fav.anime show is yu-gi-oh. i love seein' him duel with other people and i love his monsters he's awesome and so r his monsters! heart Mariah heart
My fave anime would have to be Cowboy Bebop. I like the humor in the show especially, but it mixes in with a good plot, and the main enemy doesn't reacur (sp?) in every eppie like many other animes out there (Sailor Moon, ect..) It entertains (sp) me and i sit on the edge of my couch, even though ive probably seen the eppie a zillion times sweatdrop The artwork is done so greatly, and the character developments were very good, personally (if i made any sense at all sweatdrop ) i give this anime the best grade of them all!!! whee 3nodding
I have a deep loyalty to Dragonball Z (it's the first anime I ever saw, and the reason I got into this stuff in the first place), but I also love Akira, Inu-Yasha, Fruits Basket, and Ranma 1/2.

~ First Anime Moment: I was channel surfing and I stopped on Cartoon Network, during Toonami. I saw the cutest little kid, in these green pants, white tank top, and adorable brown monkey tail, looking like he was gonna cry. I found out later that this was Son Gohan. That is a fond memory! ~
I'd have to go with Love Hina heart , because while it is mostly a comedy there is a lot of character development anlong with the ever continuing questions about "who loves who, in what way, what will they do, and who will be the next girl to beat the guy/main chacter to a pulp?" The plot is ever continuing but always growing, making to want to come back for more! biggrin

Fushigi Ugi (I probably mispelled this sweatdrop ) comes in a close second, simply because this is THE DANG BEST biggrin serious anime series I have EVER seen (with healthy doses of humor)! Has a deep, moving storyline with a complicated plot, who's heros and (most) villians you will feel sorry for without them being made into whiny pansies in the process (unfortunately this does happen in some less well writen stories). This baby would have made Shakesphere proud.

And Princess Monoke ( sweatdrop *sigh*, probably more spelling errors) was THE BEST animated MOVIE of all time. But of course, everyone already knew that. biggrin
I have to agree withGinami, about Ranma 1/2. I've only been a fan for a few mounths but by far it is my fav! But there are some other good ones like Saiyuki, b*****d,...and the list goes on!! exclaim
I myself have a few favorite series.

Weiss Kreuz and Weiss Kreuz Gluhen for starters. I like the characters, and how well they work together, and the storyline is unique. It's full of action, and has its sad points too. It's not big on the humor department, but it has it's moments of light comedy.

I am also so very fond of the X/1999 series. NOT the movie. The movie was an injustice to the whole manga IMO. The series more than made up for it though. I feel it was beautifully done. Great story, awesome characters, and plenty of action and drama.

Cowboy Bebop is another of my favorites. It's got fun characters that mix in well with each other, and many elements of action, drama, and humor. And it was done very tastefully.
I don't have a favorite anime per se, but I do have quite a few that I really dig...

Trigun: It was the first anime I saw (before it was on Cartoon Network) and if I had to pick a fave this would be it.

Lupin the 3rd: Just cause it rules.

Jubei-Chan: The Lovely Eyepatch: FUNNY! And Jubei has nice boobs *laughs* No seriously, this show is hilarious and the action is uber-cool.

Spirited Away: I love this! The visuals are almost as good as Trigun.... Almost.
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My most fave is Beyblade.

It's kinda weird cuz it's about sacred spirits being trapped inside tops with blades sweatdrop .
FLCL is my current favorite, but with so many i haven't seen, who's to say that it won't change smile
....beyblade...-shudder- xp
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My favorite anime has to be... Chobits! It's so funny! Has a really good story, and.. so.. so.. CUTE!!!! ^___^ Cutest thing I've ever seen! ^^ I just love Chobits~ with love drama stuff.. hehe.. I get all mushy when I watch sad parts or really happy parts in that series~ I watched it on DVD, the whole series.. 3+ times~ sweatdrop hehe... Chii is so cute! heart ^^

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