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None of them. After all, can't exactly enjoy it when you're dead, not that I'd get a plushie anyway. If I'm gonna spend my hard earned cash on anything like that it's going to be a good quality figure.
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Probably Reborn from KHR
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I cannot forget how that doctor's eyes looked.
Those eyes did not see anything in front of them.

A Jizabel plushie would be ******** adorable.
Also, just though about a Jizabel body pillow.
Heh. Heeeeehhhhh.

There was an opaqueness that spoke of the isolation within.
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I wouldn't die, well I haven't died haha, but I would LOVE it if I had a Ikuto plushie( from Shugo Chara)! >.<
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I really want a NekoKoneko plushie crying
Azumanga Daioh was genius for inventing it.
Rena from higurashi!!!!awsumness and creepy! hahaha
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A China from Axis Powers Hetalia plushie, complete with either a panda or wok and frying spatula. Hopefully in traditional Chinese costume though I wouldn't mind an army uniform one as well. Seriously, everytime I see him I just want to cuddle him, and a plushie would be perfect for that, since I can't cuddle him in person, as much as I want to. He's just too adorable for words! And I honestly can't believe he's 4000 years old, much less, 5000 years according to some interpretations.
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Alois Trancy
Nuff said~
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I wouldn't DIE for any Plushie. I'd like another Roxas Plushie. I had to choose between getting an Axel or Roxas and naturally, I chose Axel but I would've died for both. ;D
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i would love to have a
belphegor plushie
fran plushie
hitsugaya toushiro plusie
and a ciel lushies XD heart
Id love a Allen Walker plushie hes so cool!
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i would die for a plushie of alice from pandora hearts , konata from lucky star, kirara inuyasha, hatsune miku vocaloid, chi chobits, and a catgirl and bunny girl

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