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What would you be?

Pokemon Trainer 0.62702702702703 62.7% [ 232 ]
Pokemon Cordinator 0.064864864864865 6.5% [ 24 ]
Pokemon Breeder 0.097297297297297 9.7% [ 36 ]
Pokemon Ranger 0.081081081081081 8.1% [ 30 ]
Pokemon Thief/Hunter 0.067567567567568 6.8% [ 25 ]
Pokemon Cop/Nurse 0.062162162162162 6.2% [ 23 ]
Total Votes:[ 370 ]
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Okay it will be pure awsomeness if pokemonw ere actually real, and i pray to god to send some to earth. And what would your 6 starter pokemon would be and give them nicknames and what you become trainer cordinator, breeder....villain...

1.Swampert AKA Mud Slide
2. Pidgeot AKA Air Raid
3. Magmar AKA Spit Fire
4. Alakazam AKA Mind Control
5. Victory Bell AKA Over Growth
6. Raichu AKA Shock Wave

and i wnat to be trainer, cordinator, breeder, champion , gym leader and ranger!
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I just want a Mawile, Froslass, and Muk.
Ampharos would be nice, but I don't want to get greedy.
I'd just be another trainer. With bird Pokemon.
Hey, anybody else notice that Pokemon isn't yelled at by Firefox spell check?
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I guess there would be no need for animal cruelty laws.

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I would fly around on Fluffyhead, my Salamence, thus eliminating the need for cars, buses or airplanes.

She would sweep the competition along with Mawile, Froslass, Torterra, Lucario and Metagross.

It'd be pretty epic.
Sebastian At Your Service
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I guess there would be no need for animal cruelty laws.

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Nope, and since you get money after every battle Gambling is also legal. Woohoo..
All the eevee evo's~!
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---...SsssHhhh Mikan Is Talking...---


I'll Be A PkMn Master!...


---...Done You May Now Speak...---
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Among my first starters would be an Eevee and a Shieldon, un. Not sure about the others.
I'd be a breeder or a collector more than a trainer though. Maybe a coordinator...
But I've wanted to be a Pokemon breeder for 10 years, so...
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Look into my eyes.

There will be no meat in the world.

Are you mesmerized yet?

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I'd probably start up some kinda team....maybe like team rocket or magma?


(soemthing like this :O )
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Catch them all, obviously.

lol @ Sebastian and Maxi
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Forget school--I'm going on a Pokemon journey! =D
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CC Kinomoto Sakura
Forget school--I'm going on a Pokemon journey! =D

Damn straight :3

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