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Help me chase...
]the two that really got me in to anime was Project A-Ko and Outlanders (anime).[

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...the rainbow
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Sailor Moon. Then probably Digimon/Pokemon.
My first was pokemon or dbz, but since I did not realize it was anime when I was a child, Hellsing is the one that got me interested in manga and anime.
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the first anime I ever watched was Shaman King, and that was way before I even know what anime really was. after that, sailor moon and the pokémon movies and games just cinched it for me. I knew I was hooked when I took up watching Hetalia and other stupid little shows like it whee

EDIT:I also vaguely remember Mermaid Melody and all of the stupid AMVs people made and I also more clearly remember just how much I hated the entire thing yet watched it all the way to the end of the first season. didn't even try the second one

after THAT, I got sucked into Tokyo Mew Mew, which was a MUCH better series. to me, anyway

as for my first manga... I don't really remember, but knowing me it was probably some bullshit ero hentai thing idk
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First anime I watched was DBZ, but the anime that sparked me into anime was Inuyasha
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my first.... I think they wold be either pokemon, or mummin, but hell, I didn't even know those where anime at the time!
so I guess Naruto... but I didn't like when I watched it,
but when I watched Bleach about a year later I got really into anime! and turned into a hardcore fan! I have tried watching Naruto again on a later date, but it still doesn't spark my interest >.>
Dragon ball-Dragon ball gt will always reign supreme. Then after that is bleach. I've watch a lot of anime and I thought that it would be naruto in second place, but I've grown completely uninterested and annoyed at the way things are going on in that anime. It's as if they're grasping at straws now. Not only that, but the drawing seems to be getting worst as if they're tired of drawing naruto's characters now, while the drawing in both anime only get better as time passes. Bleach and DBZ is definitely the best and every time I watch them over again I'm reminded why. Pure unadulterated awesomeness!!!!!!

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