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My first one was Avatar if that counts. Later on Netflix I saw Roasrio to Vampire and that kind of scared me but I moved on to watch Dance in the Vampire Bund and I loved the plot and design of that show. What really got me into anime happened after that when I went to a con. Kinda backwards I know. But when I saw so many cool things there I knew I wanted to watch anime. I started off with Soul Eater and now I'm a bit obsessed. 😅
My first Anime was Princess Tutu. I was four years old and don't remember much. The first one I really remember was Inuyasha. Still Love Inuyasha today. whee
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A friend of mine introduced me to Yu-Yu-Hakusho, Rave Master, Rurouni Kenshin, Wolf Rain, and Yu-Gi-Oh all in the same day. I was officially hooked.
My first anime was Pokemon & Sailor Moon..... I then started to watch Dragon Ball Z & Yugioh cool
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My first anime was cowboy bebop, pokemon and digimon when i was 6 whee
Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon
I'm 99% sure it was Sailor Moon. I used to watch it every day and wanted to be a Sailor Scout lol. It could possibly been Cardcaptors, but I think that was on tv after Sailor Moon so, yeahhh idk
My First was Gantz, I loved it and watched many since then but Gantz will always hold a special place for me
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I think my first anime was Digimon Frontier, though I first saw Spirited Away around the same time. My (at the time soon-to-be) best friend introduced me to anime other than that!
My first one was DBZ but I thought it was a cartoon so my first one I knew was an anime was SAO heart
Mine Yu-Gi-Oh sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop emo

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