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The first anime I've seen was Dragon Ball Z but i didn't watch it becaus I liked it but my brother watched that so I've seen it.
The first real anime, the first I really loved was Vision of escaflowne ! blaugh I loved the music and the story. this anime makes me interested in animes and mangas and then I've seen other animes like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun heart (I love it, it's one of best animes ! ), and also Fruits Basket,...and others.......

Now I read Nana, X from Clamp. It's good too. biggrin
The first anime i've seen was sailor moon, i think.. XD
But on this time, i didn't know that it's really an anime sweatdrop
My first anime was Ayashi No Ceres (Ceres Celestial Legend). I wasn't into anime and had never watched it. My friend, Ines, shower me the first few episodes of Ceres and I was manga-crazy after that.
Child of the 80s, so the first Anime series I remember watching for the first time is these 3, Voltron, Robotech, and Battle of the Planets. Watched that one in reruns since that one was from the 70s.
My first Animes has to be Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha and Rurouni Kenshin
Hmmm...my first anime was Pokemon, sad to say. sweatdrop
Then I got into Sailor moon, for a very long time. Then cardcaptors somehow made its way into the picture...then I started like Inuyasha, and millions of mangas... blaugh I have a good bit in my bookshelf. Starting to get all my friends addicted. whee hehe
My first anime was Bubblegum Crisis 2040... before that was Samurai Pizza Cats and Astro Boy, but I never really got into anime until BGC2040.
The anime that really introduced me to the world of animes and manga was Love Hina, I will never forget the beautiful moments and the funny jokes. Hmm Love Hina blaugh
I think it was dbz or sailor moon. I can't remember. blaugh
My friends were the ones that got me interested in anime/manga. My first introduction to manga was a copy of Shonen Jump that belonged to a friend. The first manga I read in that was Naruto. I may have watched anime's when I was younger, without realizing it, but other than that the one I watch most now would be Naruto.
My first anime was Macross... But I didn't know it was anime... So then my first anime was... Pokémon and Digimon sweatdrop
My first anime was probably one of them co-operation flics like Transformers or somethin'. That was way back in the 80s when i was an infant not knowing what is anime. The first anime that actually caught my interest was DBZ around y2k. Then i watched Tenchi Muyo, Gundam Wing, Ranma 1/2 and since then i collect mangas, i draw kinda manga-ish, i'm even learnin' japanese currently (and starting to get the hang of it too)!
My frist anime was DBZ and Kenshin but i mean i didn't even kno casue i only saw shows and then when my cus came over he told meh it was anime now i'm watching all anime biggrin i also think Kenshin is sexy heart heart 3nodding biggrin blaugh
My first was Sailor Moon, and after that was DBZ and Tenchi Muyo.
My 1st anijme was FLCL, it was my first episode so it was really confusing I didn't understand it at all!!!!

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