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My first anime was probably pokemon saddly enough lol!
mmm...lemme me my first was Trigun
and it rokks!! ^^ xp
Well my first anime was The Slayers, I just thought Lina looked funny and watched it, but I had no idea it was anime back then whee I absolutely adored it until I lost intrest a bit and went chasing after Rurouni Kenshin sweatdrop
Ummmm....My 1st anime would have to be Salor Moon then Pokemon then Cardcaptors but i was mostly hooked on Cardcaptors then i started liking Inu-yasha and so on ect...........
Speed Racer and My Neighbor Totoro
my first was i think X1999
It was Pokemon, sadly... I was sick and woke up at 6 am and caught my first ever episode of Pokemon.
fruits basket i believe... and then pokemon on tv and other anime that was dubbed for my english channels... hehe..
sadly inuff my first was pokemon ... thin inuyasha or kenshon sparked my intrist.
Elledan Elvor
Speed Racer and My Neighbor Totoro
I though I was the only one who got into because of totoro....
like many peoples, the first anime i ever watched was Sailor Moon.
I first saw it when i was about 8, and ever since i've found more and more anime shows which are cool and i got more into the japanese part of it. But im not really a fan anymore.
Well..when a was so little...15 years ago..Candy Candy, but i didn't know that was anime....then, years later i saw Kimba, Samurai Pizza Cats...those tha u seen in the national tv and that come... Sailor Moon.....but just that...Since that anime, I was more interesting(actually..obssesed haha).....but I saw CCS.......and thats All hehe.......I decided that I'll be an Otaku 4 ever xD
My first was dbz. i never had finished the entire thing, but saw bits and pieces because anime wasn't so hot back in the stone age. but the first one i really liked (and continues to be my favorite) was evangelion. i watched it when it came out on vhs (how sad sad ) but only saw up to episode sixteen and finished it SIX years later after i was able to get it again.
When I was little I used to try and catch BSSM dubs on upn all the time...I hate myself for doing that now.
My first Anime... Would have to be... Sailor Moon, like many people. stressed ... Soon, I got hooked on many more, especially Dragon Ball, Z, and GT, which I watch now. sweatdrop

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