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sailormoon! not that i liked it or anything... just watched it on tv... the first cool anime i saw was scryed... old anime... classic
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I'm pretty sure my first anime was Sailor Moon. I was absolutely addicted to it. My friends and I even had a "club" and each of us pretended to be a sailor scout. I look back at those days and I want to cry. It was so sad.
eto...my first anime was Saint Seiya... buh i don't remember anything about it so Sailor Moon is probably what got me started on the anime craze.
My first anime show that ive seen was when i was 2-4 it was dragonball then it went on to dragonballz, to dragonballgt! now i wach millon of anime shows lol! iam so prowed of my self lol! crying
my first anime was also sailor moon and i still love it!
it was sailor moon
^^ my first anime, as was most ppl, was dbz, first saw it when goku's brother first landed...*sigh*...alas...they don't make dbz like they used to... crying
My first anime was the crying freeman which i thoyght was very good
My first anime... now that going back about 8 years, to when i was 5... It was DB, the first time i ever saw gokus face I was entranced and had to see the show again and i waited dsay in and day out, but didnt see it again till i was about 12, my first manga tho is BLEAH by Tite Kubo, justr came out
my first anime was sailor moon and then DBZ 3nodding blaugh
The first anime that I watched that sparked interest was NARUTO!!! YAY whee and the one Manga I read (well there is two) that were great were Fushigi Yugii (sp) and Pet Shop of Horrors xp
Easy to say.....Sailor Moon everybody liked it in the 90's!
My first anime ...well...It`s DORAEMON.
Mine was bebop. And I still watch it as do most of us.

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