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My first anime was Pokemon, and it was awesome.
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I believe my first anime that i bought on my own was Chobits and it was the one that sparked m interest and led me to buy more of them.
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my first anime was maison ikoku silly story about a young landlady relationship with a men cald godai(in first there where friends). 3 other tetants where party animals, vey drunk mostly, and iritating to godai's study~ and a dog name yoshiro the name of her lost husband, but very lots of humor~

follow up from my youngest years was on yorin(tv network) : card capter sakura, sailormoon, dragonball z, and on a children network(foxkids) pokemon. beyblade.

further throughts the years i love to watch a anime with passion, and a good story in it like; ARIA company. clannad. kobato.
Soul Eater. I love it.
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My first anime was DBZ. heart
Well that was 13 years ago? I should rewatch it someday...
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My first anime was Sailor moon or Naruto when i was VERY little my sister was watching it so i decided to watch it
Well, my very first were when I was quite young - Pokemon, DBZ, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hamtaro and Inuyasha around 3-4th grade. The one that seriously sparked my interest in anime and manga was reading Shugo Chara in 6th grade. I'm half way through Grade 11 now and it remains my favourite (:
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The first anime I watched was inuyasha and bleach... biggrin ♥♥♥
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My very first anime was either Beyblade. And now I hate that show XP

The first one I was interested in was either Naruto or Pokemon. Hard to remember on account of I was 5 or 6
How I got into anime was when I watched naruto after that I got inspired to watch other anime and mangas :3
I believe my first anime was Tokyo Mew Mew, but back when I was watching it. It was Mew Mew Power. The 4kids version. I was young then. Now I'm an anime addict.
My first anime was Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin. They had it on library and I'm very much of an dog fan so of course I had to watch it. Though back then I didn't know that it was anime, I just thought that it was one of a kind cartoon.
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My first anime to watch was Voltes-V (I guess).......or is it Sailor Moon...Yes, it is...SAILOR MOON!!!

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