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First anime? Pokemon. When I was six or seven I made a poster where I cut out pictures of all the generation I pokemon and wrote their names (sloppily) underneath them. I kept it in my room for ages 4laugh
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sailor moon didnt realize it was anime
MY first anime was Sailormoon smile My cousin had recorded the video and i always go over her house to watch it. it was really awesome, which made me addicted to anime forever in my life time smile
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My first animes were Sailor Moon and Pokémon, when I was a kid and they were mixed in with the other cartoons on tv. Later, when I got into other animes, Sailor Moon was the first one I watched in its entirety heart

My first manga was Fruits Basket, which I borrowed from a friend!
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-sniffles- Oh, memories...
My first anime was the original Naruto series...man, that brings me back. My step-sister showed it to me and I fell in love with it...not long after, fell in love with randomly pairing the characters up to create crack love. XD
Ah, whatever happened to team seven going out for ramen at Ichiraku's? -cry-
I miss Sasuke and Naruto's bromance. I miss it so much.
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Oh my gosh Shugo Chara ; o;
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My first anime was Shugo Chara, and actually, I found the anime on this site. Shugo Chara was the most popular videos in the video lounge (back in like 2007) so I started to watch it. I still love it and it's still one of my favorites. <3
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Shugo Chara. So many memories :,D
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I heart Shugo Chara!

Anyways my first anime was Sailor Moon. Little sister loved it and they still played it on tv at the time. After that we would rent them at Blockbuster... Man... That some old s**t there. smile Hmm... The next was Naruto but that was some years later...
My first Anime was Dragon ball Z but of course like most of you I didn't know it was anime. My dad thought it was really weird that a little girl like me enjoyed seeing people beat each other up every afternoon rather than something nicer. Then I stumbled across sailor moon before school one day didn't like it and moved on as card captors came out and I liked that one, then you know the rest is history I don't watch anime anywhere near as much as I used too but every now and then I decide to watch one the most recent being death note.

Before that it was Bleach then Elven Lied and Fullmetal Alchemist etc
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My first anime was Pokemon smile I was really obsessed with it, but now I don't really watch it except for a few episodes with my favorite pokemon. I like the games a lot more.
Mine was probably pokemon when I was little but I didn't know it was an anime.
So the anime I watched that I knew was an anime would be Vampire Knight like 6-7 years later, and that show(with the help of Mamotte Lollipop manga) pulled me into the world of anime, manga and Japan and I never ever will regret it. (⌒▽⌒)
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It was either Pokemon, DBZ, or Sailor Moon...
I'm not entirely sure which one I watched first... confused
Probably Pokemon. 3nodding My sister wanted the cards, and then our parents got the VHS of the first 3 episodes after.
Dragon ball Z

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