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It was either Teknoman, or Dragonball.
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hmmm.. Dragon ball... no doubt about it..
Hmmmmmm... Dragon Ball Z for sure then Yu Yu Hakusho xD Love that Anime!
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the first anime i watched was Reborn. I bought the manga to see if it was good and after reading the first one, i got hooked i bought 7 manga and is now watching all the episodes
The first anime I ever remember watching was Gundam Wing AC heart
Dragonball biggrin
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My first anime was Card Captor Sakura. I think I started watching it because it was cool enough for my brothers and girly enough that I was happy. 4laugh
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Shaman king.
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Mine first was maybe Pokemon redface I liked it a lot heart
My first anime now that I think of it was Pokemon, but I didn't know what anime or anything like that was, I was really little maybe 6 yrs old? I first got hooked on drawing manga in my art class in 7th grade, and that I tell you was like the gateway that led me into anime/manga lol, My first anime was Bleach I was instantly hooked lol and my next and all time fav was Tokyo Mew Mew, and no I do not mean Mew Mew Power. I then got my closest friend hooked on Bleach and Full Metal, haha and then it just kinda spread so now all my friends at least know what anime and manga is...Oh I knew another of my friend really liked vampires so I told her to watch Vampire Knight.....she finished catching up to date with the series in like two weekends lol I have so many favorite animes now it's insane, I can't keep up!!! cat_4laugh
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pokemon. i watched 284 episode before i new it was anime. then i went on to sailor moon
My first Anime was Naruto! That's the awesome one.

I really wanna get their prize.... Naruto poster goody!

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My first anime would be Inuyasha, Sailor Moon (we go waaay back) and detective conan....
i used to watch shin chan and doraemon too....
Well before i even knew it was anime, it was dragon ball z,and then about 3 years later i learned about anime xD. But after i actually learned abour anime, my first anime i actually watched and completed was OHSHC. excuse the spelling errors im using my ipod and its stupid keyboard)

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