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Talk about your first anime!

In other words, in this sticky you can talk about the first anime you've ever seen/watched, the first anime that sparked an interest for you in the world of anime & manga, how you were first introduced to anime, who you have introduced to anime, etc.

This sticky was made specifically for this recurring topic. All current and future threads asking about your first anime will be moved to the Recycling Bin or deleted.

All spam and non-related posts will be removed.

Stay on topic and enjoy.
i think my first anime was.. dbz. but i never KNEW it was anime. therefore, me first true anime would probably be.. fushigi yuugi. or something else.. i don't remember. too long ago XD
BUMP blaugh
well my first aniem was kenshin
it an awsome show,
its about a man an he used to be a man slayer
an turned from that path an became a wonder
its an awsome series if you havent seen it yet you need too its awsome
at leased i think so. wink smile
Mine was Sailor Moon (like just about everyone else in the world). I was about six years old. I was visiting my cousins in HK and saw it on TV. I was totally obsessed with it for a long time. Then about 3 years later, I found other anime and basically abandoned Sailor Moon. xd I'm not a big fan of it now. xp
My first anime was Sailor Moon as well. I've moved on since then, but I still have a special place for it in my heart (every now and then I feel like watching it; just because it reminds me of when I used to watch it with my big sis when we were little). Now my favorite anime is probably Fushigi Yugi with Berserk a close second (which is funny since they're exact opposites...). Oh well, I guess I'm just perverse like that. 3nodding
Let's see... I will half to say my first anime was, Chobits! That was when I first fell into Anime! Thanks to my friend! Candy! Love ya sist! Thanks! Mostly it so yeah. sweatdrop
sadly enough my first anime was probably sailor moon and then pokemon gonk
My first anime was Saint Seiya (Knights of Zodiac), I watched it when I was about 8 or 9 and I think that was great. So I started to get interested in this anime and manga "thing" hehe...
ashamed to say pokemon
hmm.. it was so long ago.. like when i was 4.. Doraemon/ Lo Fuji (some Chinese anime).. and then came Sailormoon.
my first anime waz not sailor moon, kenshin, worst yet pokemon, but it waz Samuri Pizza cats, i saw that when i waz bout 4-5 yrs old, then i moved on to kenshim around 7 yrs old.
it'll be doraemon ~~ do-rae-mon..
My first anime was... Pokemon...
It was like an addiction, I couldn't help myself. Luckily, some strange gothic girls who slit their wrists told me about Sailor Moon, so I started watching that and got hooked.
Then Cardcaptors came. That was probably the first anime I ever saw that I seriously loved and ended up buying all the books, all the episodes, and both movies. Cardcaptor Sakura was the first anime I ever watched that turned me on and realized... "Hey, there's more stuff out there... wierd..."
Hmm... Fushigi Yuugi. 5 yrs old. My cousin brought a video of Fushigi Yuugi, and me and my brother BOTH got obssessed. sweatdrop
DBZ was my 1st, the first episode i ever saw was when goku was on snake way for the 1st time and was given a lift by a man in a dump truck. ~g: *snore* forget the milk and just gimme the doughnuts...*eats doughnuts in dream*...*later goku falls off the truck and is in midair* g: *still sleeping* HEY! thats my doughnut! lol

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