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You can either catch up on/start older ones that interest you or spend your free time doing other things.
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Girl-Crazy Capitalist

I don't really keep up with anime or look forward to seasons, I prefer to wait and keep a list of what people say is interesting, wait a month or two, go back and look things up and see what's going on and if I like anything. I also tend to go back and look for older series because they're already finished and I like not having to wait for new installments. I caught Fate/Zero when it had only just finished it's first season and I was so pumped and in love and then boom, giant cliffhanger. I finally saw the rest nearly a year later but it reminded me how I like to finish things all at once.

When I like things I also like to try and find how or where I can buy them so I'm able to support the industry and re-watch as many times as I want and never feel guilty. I never need fear boredom with my Christmas boxset haul of shows I can watch again and again in-between waiting for new anime to finish.
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Give them a good 2 or 3 more tries. Sometimes I find gems only later on.
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I actually never keep up with them
I always feel so out of the loop because of it
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Vermillion Bibliophile

Colonel Gabrielle
Give them a good 2 or 3 more tries. Sometimes I find gems only later on.
Pretty much the same here.
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Questionable Senshi

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And so it has been and so it is written,
On the doorway to paradise...

Do other s**t because I have other hobbies. Or re-watch old favorites or something from my fairly extensive backlog.

...That those who falter and those who fall
Must pay the price!
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Dapper Ladykiller

REJOICE. Because, like everyone else, my backlog's pretty huge.
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I don't usually look at new anime. I let a year pass before I consider watching them.
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Um basically, I don't like how they didn't re-edit the old animes that they brought back.
They re-edited Dragon Ball Z into Dragon Ball Z Kai.
But yet, they didn't recolor like the old animes either. xp
I go look for new manga updates XD
I look up other anime and read more manga books.
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Partying Reveler

Seeing as the Winter season practically sucks the only to anime worth a s**t are Jojo and Psycho-pass. I'll be catching up on anime i've yet to finish. Also there are a few manga i need to get started on reading.
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Apocalyptic Cutesmasher

Look for other titles that interest me and read/watch it.
I usually just play video games and stuff. Reread cheesy magical girl manga, read more
about characters, all that stuff. I usually just end up watching old shows because I know
that it'll be something I like.
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Distinct Dabbler

Play my back log of video games and using the time for hobbies outside anime/ manga circle, like being creative/ arty and random diy.

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