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I made this thread in honor of those protagonists (or any character, really) who shoulder all the blame on themselves, and through lies and deceit, save others yet receive no credit.

Or just plain don't get enough credit for what they have done.

To give a widely known example, Lelouch from Code Geass- He shouldered the hatred of his people, and in his death, created a greater place. Almost everyone thought he had evil intentions.

Another such example would be Luffy from One Piece- When he liberates places such as Arabasta, and receives no credit for it. In fact the World Government just chases him down harder, and slaps a bounty on his head in the news.

Can you think of any such protagonists, AMC?


If I've made an error in typing this I apologize. It's 2AM where I live and I'm pretty damn tired.
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Edward Elric.
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x“We will always be brothers. We are bound together.”
xxxxShinichi Kudo / Conan Edogawa. That poor kid shoulders a lot of burdens just to keep his friends and family safe from a ruthless organization that is out to kill him.
Optimus Prime. Can't get any more older martyr like that guy
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Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. No one ever remembers her sacrifice to the world but only her friend Homura. ;_;

Also Persona 3 but that's vidya.
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Chikane Himemiya from Kannazuki no Miko. She basically rapes her love interest and treats her horribly in an attempt to drive Himeko to kill her so Chikane won't have to kill her again to renew the planet. She was also aware that once she died she would be confined to the Lunar Shrine never to be remembered in the new world.
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My favorite is Kimihiro Watanuki from xxxHolic. He's a total deconstruction of the self-sacrificing protagonist, and over the course of the series he develops from someone who would throw away his life for an acquaintance to someone who realizes his own self-worth.

Rather than showing how noble it is to sacrifice yourself for someone else, the series emphasizes how that behavior can actually prove more harmful than helpful, and raises questions about things most would-be martyrs won't think about, like how would the person you're saving feel about you dying to protect them? They'd probably feel horrible. Or what about the people you are leaving behind? They'd be heartbroken.

Of course, some sacrifices may be worth it, but I think one of the points of the series is that every life is precious, including your own, and that it is wiser to look for alternatives than it is to recklessly throw yourself into harms way.
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Amata Sora, Luffy, Natsu, U.Naruto, K.Ichigo should kill themselves, it’d make the series better〜 razz
Amata Sora, Luffy, Natsu, U.Naruto, K.Ichigo should kill themselves, it’d make the series better〜 razz

Why Luffy? scream
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Naruto Or Deidara
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yeah i would say minato/ko arisato from p3/p3p because ;__________________;
Tsuchimiya Kagura, Isayama Yomi, and Nimura Kensuke (and basically any exorcist in Ga-Rei). Their organization was secret.

Gantz characters too, I guess.
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Sailor Moon. 'nough said.
Cisqa from Elemental Gelade, she gives up using an eldoraid and sticks with regular ammunition in order to respect and protect eldoraids.
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