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I mean seriously, can I go a day without seeing OMG KIRITO X ASUNA 4 EVER!1!!!!!1! and s**t?

I really liked the series when it started. Been playing MMORPGs for like 8 years now and have always been a fan of anime, so I guess it's like it was made for me.


The fandom has to beat the living hell out of the series. Get behind an episode? You'll know what happens. EVERYONE will rave about it.

It's almost like Naruto fans migrated to SAO for its duration. I couldn't even enjoy the building romance between Kirito and Asuna because there were a million pictures posted everywhere.

Like, do I have to lock myself in a room with padded walls to watch popular anime now?

I'll stick to my middle-of-the-road shows. Sora no Otoshimono, Ah! My Goddess, Binbougami ga!, you never let me down.
An SAO fan is the evolved form of the Narutard.

Their final form is Fire/Fighting.
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Dude, it's just the anime that's bad but most SAO fans became fans because of the anime itself. The novel is fine and there's nothing to blame about it since it's the actual story.

I kinda agree with you that SAO "anime" fandom is still going on and it's getting quite annoying (even though I am also a SAO fan myself). Unfortunately, we have to deal with it because "virtual reality" theme is a popular idea and the attraction.

Although, the Japanese are not making a big fuss of it as much anymore compared to the English/Other speakers which is kinda sad.

And yes, there's other better anime to watch. (I did like Sora no Otoshimono and Ah! My Goddess you mentioned.)
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So, to combat them, you make a thread to gripe about them?

I thought the series itself was rather bland and dull, as were the characters.
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Their final form is Fire/Fighting.

If I see another starter with this typing again...
And so are the little bitches who keep complaining about them.
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I was going to check it out, but the way they are fanning over it makes it sound like s**t neutral
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Lucky for you that's the last you'll see of the shipping considering we probably won't get a season 2, and if we do it'll all be GGO. The shipping along with the series' hype will probably die down soon anyways.
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So you liked it at first, but because of the fans you don't like it anymore?

I do say thats incredibly stupid.
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Woah, woah, woah! Can we get to the real issue here, since when has Ah! My Goddess, been considered "Middle of the road"?
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SAO is a good show. Of course there's going to be annoying fans, but there's decent ones too. You just don't notice the normal fans because the annoying ones attract more attention, deal with it. smile
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and the cycle continues ..
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*cough*.//Hack ripoff *cough*

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