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My boyfriend and I started watching some of our old anime, we finished S-Cry-Ed a few days ago and are now watching Beyblade. Man, I feel a little bad still being in absolute fangirlism with Kai! xp
ADFADSNVISADN!!! I would love to have the time to go and rewatch Digimon. I've already rewatched Magical DoReMi. I got Trigun, D. N. Angel, and Samurai Champloo for Christmas and have rewatched them. I also have a couple DVD's of Phantom Memory Kurau.
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Petite Princess Yucie. I watched some of the last episode the other day, and I just couldn't get through it.
Yugioh. Pokemon.
...Code Lyoko (I still love it), Winx Club (Not the Nick dub. I actually like 4kids for it, but I grew up with it) and WITCH. Not exactly anime, but the style is sorta modeled on it
Not anime at all: Kim Possible.

This has been my week.
InuYasha. ಠ_ಠ
I mean, That show is still amazing but not as amazing as it was to me when I first saw it in like 2005. ಠ u ಠ I was only 8 though ._.

Sonic X.
I THOUGHT THAT IT WAS AMAZING. ******** NO. 4KIDS RUINED IT. I also remember when i actually liked 4-kids dubs. Now I just cringe at the thought. FUNimation all the way.
I remember rewatching it when I was in 5th grade ; u ; LOL. YEAH I FAIL.

4-KIDS also ruined that one. Didn't they change the ending? It took forever to find the actual ending. ._. I liked it. I hate it now biggrin

The last two were so corny and dumb ಠ u ಠ
Sorry If I hurt any fanboy/girl's feelings. *backs away slowly*
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I'm rewatching Sailor Moon, but its in Japanese, sorry to say DiC dub was startlingly bad. I'm happy to say that watching the series from a new perspective is great.

I wish I could find Unico the Baby Unicorn series of movies.
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User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Digimon Tamers, and Gundam Seed Destiny.


User ImageUser ImageUser Image
I did
some Sailor Moon
on and off, taking a breaking after a week
and I did DBZ last month and
plan to hit on Kenshin!
Rewatched Pokemon episodes. smile Also loved Yu Yu Hakusho and Winx Club
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Just recently rewatched some sailormoon like many others in this thread and it wasn't horrible but it's not as great as I seem to remember it being. Standards have changed a lot in 15-20 years I guess. I still love the manga though.

I also rewatch Cardcaptor Sakura now and then when I'm in a nostalgic mood. Still love it though not as much as I used to.

I need to get around to watching Ranma 1/2 at some point.
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my favorties animes were sailor moon,mew mew power,magical doremi,yu gi oh, and pokemon love them!!! heart heart
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Yu Yu Hakusho. Sorry, people, I'm obsessed. biggrin

I wish they would bring back Zoids. Holy crap, that would make my day.
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Yeah, I'm thumbing through all the anime I watched growing up, seeing as how before, I didn't know the full power of the internet.

There's only one anime oddly that I rewatched some of and my opinion of it got worse (everything else either got better or stayed the same:

Dragon Ball Z. Yeah, it holds up for that yelling and muscle that gets the testosterone pumping like wresting, but its age and drawn out story really make me wonder how I didn't get bored and play some game instead.
I watched Sailor Moon in Japanese with English subs every so often and I like it better than the English version. Also I am going to recap Naruto this summer and watch it in Japanese with English subs. There are some anime that I like in English which is: Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rouni Kenshin, Cyborg 009, Zoids, and a few others
Watching old anime is very fun and entertaining. I do so whenever I have the chance to.
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Yes all the time, I still love things like Pokemon, DBZ, Gundam Wing, and basically the rest of everything on Toonami but I was rewatching Hamtaro and DAMN WTF was I thinking, maybe it's because it's directed towards a younger audience but it was just awful :/
Yeah I remember there was like an anime version of Transformers that came on Cartoon Network at 4 am and I would set my alarm clock just to watch it and also .Hack//sign. And Gundam, It's ashame that anime is depleting from CN channel. I remember when anime came on every night on Adult swim and now it's only on Saturday nights after 11....

On a brighter note, the anime that Adult Swim does show is still the same anime they showed 6 years ago >.> Seriously, how many times do we have to watch the same episodes of Cowboy Bebop and Inuyasha? I mean, Inuyasha even has an ending season that they aren't showing!

I miss Pilot Candidate for Goddess... /sigh

As for the anime that I've rewatched is Outlaw Star. That anime never gets old. Ever.

Actually, the anime series InuYasha has an ending season, but it's titled InuYasha: The Final Act instead of the original. You can watching the series' final episodes on the Hulu.com website and see how it finally ends. You'll be grateful how this popular anime has a happy ending...

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