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At the time I watched it for the first time I only got through a couple episodes but stopped due to not really getting into it. Maybe I might find a love for it now but not back then
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Has ANYONE watched Mushi-Shi? I've personally watched around 15+ episodes and I love it. I just feel that it is really underrated and has not shown the public how good it is.

For those who don't know; Mushi-Shi is an Anime about Mushi causing problems in the lives of individuals or villages. They are not giant killing machines, they are seen more as an essence and cause unusual internal problems. I wouldn't consider it an action anime, because it has only a portion of that in it, but it is relaxing intriguing, and makes you think and wonder. It also helps you appreciate the things in life. Nature, family, friends, pride, etc.

I really urge you all to watch at least 2 or 3 episodes. I understand it is not for everyone, but please comment on what you think of it, or if you already know about it, comment on your opinion!

Same here. I love it, but people have almost never heard of it when I ask them.
I've enjoyed what I've seen of it (maybe like 7 eps). It's very quiet and I like that very much, because I like quiet best. But honestly, in terms of beautiful shows about white-haired guys who deal with supernatural creatures, I prefer Mononoke.
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I haven't watched very much of it but I love what I've seen of it so far smile
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i've read one volume of the manga c:
It's one of my favourites. So beautiful and a fantastic idea. I wish we could see more.
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If we're talking about mushi-shi, we should talk about Kino too. Seeing they're pretty much walking the earth, forever.

Oh yeah, Kino is like the original mushi-shi. At least I've seen it a long time before Mushi-shi and they both are made of stand alone episodes.
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It's been on my "To Watch" list for a bit over a year, maybe two. Can't remember. But it keeps getting pushed aside for other anime I want to watch.
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I've watched the entire series and read a bit of the manga. It's been one of those series that really changed what I think of anime.
it's not that unknown, it's rank n° 58 on Anim*planet http://www.anime-planet.com/anime/mushishi
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Ahh I remember I watched the first episode of this quite a while ago and really enjoyed it, but I never continued it?? I've been meaning to pick it up again...
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I really like the whole feeling and how things are all connected in everything. I like the subtle supernatural element in this series.
what a creepy addicting show
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yeah this one was really good
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Its both widely known and respected. I wouldn't call it underrated.

It is an amazing show. One of the best shows I have watched. The art and colors were extremely calming and the the stories/plot were probably my favorite out of any anime. Each episode was very special, with my favorite being the one about the girl and the stars.

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