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I can't find the whole story online because Kira Takenouchi decided to make you pay for her site. So far, I have read up to chapter forty after searching online for about an hour to find the extra chapters. I want to read the rest of volume one, Damnit!

Has anyone read all of Taming Riki and found it not on Kira's site? Where did you find it?

I would love you forever if you've read it and tell me where you found it.
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I have up to were she stoped posting in the 2nd volume because she went crazy again... although she is back to writing Yaoi.
Ohhh..that's a fanfic? I see it plastered all over AFF, but always assumed it was original.

Haven't read it. Sampled her work, and didn't feel like paying for the exact same kinda thing I could get for free all over AFF.
Anyone who can to send me any ai no kusabi anything, would beloved forever
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Well it would seem the writer of Taming Riki has gone crazy once more and it doesn't look like she will be coming back to writing Yaoi any time soon. She has found God once more.
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Don't even bother with it, the story goes nowhere. You can find free erotic fanfiction that goes places and in a shorter amount of time.

Just wait until the new OVA comes out like everyone else.
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Just so everyone knows Kira is now back to writing is is hosting Taming Riki Vol1 on her site for free.

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