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I wouldn't consider Takumi 'manly'...

I would consider him more... Gentleman like and toned. (Especially toned. emotion_kirakira )
I just love the way he's drawn. If somebody is going to feature an attractive male in a manga/anime, they should look at Usui for a reference.

I just don't like his hair... It's really bushy and such.

Usui!! That was his name!
And his behavior is manly
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LadyVeng3ance x
Yeah. I prefer to call him Takumi. Idrk why to be honest.

I wouldn't call it manly, I would just say it kind of describes how his testosterone seems to be in high gear. Thus earning the name 'perverted alien from the planet of pheromone' from Misaki.

I don't like it when people say Usui is controlling and demanding. Sure he acts that way in the series but you kids gotta remember, he's a little socially (And especially romantically) awkward.

Misaki was the first girl he was ever interested in. And he never had that much experience with understanding a woman's feelings because again, he was never interested in women until he met Misaki.

And no, Misaki's strength wasn't the thing that attracted both Tora and Usui to her. It's how unique she is from most of the female population that surround the two. Usui's charm just instantly makes nearly any female fall head over heels in love with him. And Tora can just get any woman with the snap of his fingers.

Sure, Misaki's physical condition was one of the things that made her unique, but the other was how much she was uninterested in either boy. And they just were shocked by that and it just made them attracted to her.

Boys like a girl who dosen't appear interested in them. It drives their persistence into high gear.
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Honey, the anime isn't worth even HALF of what the manga is worth.

It is just that amazing. Not only is it seventy eight chapters and counting, but for an Usui fangirl like you: there's a lot more fanservice in the manga. I will forever burn the second page of chapter fourteen in my head for the rest of my life.

There's a lot more character development in the manga and a lot more character appearances.
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I love both the anime and manga. But manga better because its still going;9 i wish they'd do a season 2 Omfg. That'd be amazing. Usui is my dreaaam heart
l Herd u leik Squirtlez l

From one KWMS fan to another, what other mangas/anime could you recommend? C:

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