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So I made this thread for fans of the anime and/or manga to come and discuss! This fandom seems to be dying out which makes me sad because I love the series!

If you wish to discuss character development or lack of it or if you wish to discuss the romantic side of the series. Discussing what could be improved or what your worst nightmare right now would be. Or maybe you just wish to fangirl/fanboy with fellow fans. All are welcome!

The only "rules" are please be polite and respectful while discussing. No hate/flame wars and no insulting someone's opinion. This is a major rule when it comes to shippings especially. If you wish to share pictures/fan art or original then feel free but please do not stretch the page or put it in a spoiler tag!
I really hope this thread goes well. >//<

For me my favourite characters are: Misaki, Suzuna, Tora, Maki, Aoi, Honoka. (Anime.)
Tenryū Arashiyama, Gerard, Cedric, Misaki and Li Yi Hua. (Manga.)

Usui I used to love in the anime but now he's got kind of bland and I don't like the whole going to England stuff, Misaki seeing the magazine was a ruiner of chapter 76. I feel like Misaki will marry Usui at the end of the manga; even if Usui is in England for four years and no contact with her. Like she's meant to just freeze her own life to join a family that realistically wont ever truly accept her.

Though I am a Tora x Misaki shipper have been slightly since the beginning and now is my otp (one true pairing) due to chapter 76.

I do like Suzuna x Gerard or Suzuna x Aoi. Maybe Erika x Cedric or Honoka x Gerad purely for personalities and not based on how likely.

The plot overall I enjoy but has got a bit boring for me as of now. I'm waiting for the ending where I am sure I will be let down. As I was with Ouran Host Club. (Wasn't big on Tamaki and Kyouya x Haruhi was my ship.) Similar kind of plot and story issue as well. So for me both couples are bland.

Most characters I think add a lot to the story and I love the maid cafe. I adore the characters design and Kuuga and his band were a fun addition.
Someone liked my topic but didn't post that is rare. ~
I'm actually watching this right now, and I adore it. I haven't gotten around to reading the manga, but it's on my list.

It's funny for the most part, but when it gets all fuzzy and romantic it's like, "Eh, I've seen this before.." Like you said, it's like Ouran, but on another note, Ouran is one of my favorites.

Personally, I love Usui. I honestly don't like his character very much, and I thought the beginning of the relationship was a bit sudden (I was like, "Whoa, it's already happening!" ), but I love him, I don't know why.. I guess I just have a thing for perverts with a maid fetish, idk.

You should read the manga as well! 3nodding
I do adore Ouran as wel.~
Fair enough, I used to like Usui until the manga. He's got bland and boring quickly.
I'll try not to ruin anything; but although he's a pervert I don't think it is a genuine fetish.
Less Tora Igarashi has the same, which I wouldn't mind. But I think they're just perverts.
The cafe holds tons of events and different outfits.~~ It is a cosplay cafe. C:
Hopefully you'll enjoy the series I did; just waiting for it to end since my shipping wont happen and I'm bored now. Same as what happened with Ouran. xD
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Finally, a thread about a show where I don't have anything to b***h about. emotion_kirakira

I - I loved Usui... ;; He's probably one of the only male characters I've ever loved followed by Hirano from HOTD and America from APH.

I've never really gotten tired of him. But the thing I like about him the most was just how perfect he was. And I don't mean how he was like a 'god mod' character but how he was designed appearance wise.

Usually when I read a bishounen manga or reverse harem, the guys look like a bunch of girls, and when I read yaoi manga or watch BL anime, they go completely overboard with making the males looking so impossibly... masculine. But Usui was a perfect balance between complete girly boy and complete utter man. And those are the kinds of boys that I tend to go a little crazy over.

Plus his slightly oblivious yet seductive nature makes me nearly drown in feelings.

If you disliked Usui... You wouldn't last a day on the Kaichou blogs on Tumblr. They like... Worship him on there.
l Herd u leik Squirtlez l

You're welcome! 4laugh

Usui is too perfect and bland for me. He got boring really quickly and I don't like how he is acting in the manga either.

I personally find Tora more attractive but that is just personal preference. Tora is even the same height AND weight as my fiance in real life. o.o I share a birthday with Tora (same day and month) not my fiance. (Damn.) Ha ha I love Tora's seductive nature so we can agree on that.

I've been on tumblr and I just ignore them, with all respect they are just overboard fangirls who want him to be their boyfriend in real life. (Which I wont comment on.)

I love how they have confessions and someone was a picture of Misa and Tora saying "Just because I ship Tora and Misaki doesn't make me any less of a fan".

And honestly the die hard Usui fans can't comment on being real Kaichou Wa Maid Sama fans, they're real Usui fans which isn't the same and I've met three people thus far who hate Usui so it isn't that uncommon. I mean a shojo you are meant to and allowed to ship everyone with anyone.

I go on tumble for the cute pictures of Misaki x Tora like in chapter 76 anyway. > w <
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I never paid much interest to Tora, nor did I really care for him... Though, he was more normal natured than Usui was. (He acted just how any average rich boy his age would act. I'll give Hiro props for that. The way Usui wasn't so stuck up kind of made me tilt my head at him like 'what...?')

Though, another thing about Tora (That to me was a huge turn off) was how much of a control freak he was. I don't understand how he had such a bad first impression on Misaki when they first met or in the protagonist's case, when she first realized how he really acted, Basically a demanding pervert. But I can see how somebody would like him like in your case. (Besides, be happy you have somebody to love. gonk -forever alone-.)

As for poor Usui though, give him some props for at least a few things... For one, if I could take any character trait from Usui and put it in what I think a perfect boyfriend would have would be his persistence. (Sorry ladies, looks are great and all, but they shouldn't be your first priority. -_-) Man... Usui was persistence like it was his job. No matter how many times Misaki tried to 'reject' him, Usui just kept on going but it seemed he tried different methods that still sticked to his regular personality without making things seem off. And of course, over fifty chapters later he achieved what he was striving for. Pats for Usui. My reason for liking Usui so much is for the most biased reasons though. He just does a great job at satisfying things that I like to see in a guy. For one, He was English, (Okay, am I the only one who thinks he's just more than a quarter English? I mean for heaven's sake, the only Japanese thing about him is his name...) I have a big thing for English guys besides their accents. I don't know what else there was.

But he wasn't the only reason I loved Kaichou... I really loved Yukimura. He was adorbs... emotion_kirakira

So was Suzuna. She's like the little sister I never had.
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We don't learn about Usui's past until the manga later on.

Usui is a demanding pervert who treats Misaki like a damnsel in distress and he is obessive as well. So I don't see how any of that makes an ideal guy, but obviously personal preference. (:

I like Tora's personality, he has a front face and then the true him. He had a mixed feeling about Misaki I thought and Tora thinks badly of all girls like Misaki does of all boys early on. Tora can get any women with a snap of his fingers, he thought Misaki was the same. So when she wasn't he was interested. That's why he treated her like crap basically. Just as Misaki wasn't nice to men. So I like their similiarity there they can relate. Also I can relate to Tora a lot about having a mask and all.

I don't like how persistant he is, it is too creepy for my taste. xD

I'm English so him being English bores me.
Yukimaru I find alright but I don't care for him.

I adore Suzuna.~~
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I didn't find Usui demanding at all... I just found him to be a tease, which I found adorable. And when you're an American like me, you find English boys to be an immediate turn on.

Again, I didn't find Usui demanding at all... If he was he'd like.. Force her to be his girlfriend. But didn't. Plus he wasn't obsessive... It was perhaps his first time actually falling in love with a girl since it's explained early in the story that he wasn't interested in girls. So he wouldn't give up at all... Y'know?

But I just didn't like Tora that much... His personality was too demanding and stuck up for my taste... :T
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Eh some people in the US and Canada don't care for English and some do.

To me Usui is obsessive but that is personal preferences. Eh obessive is obsessive to me.

Usui I find demanding like demanding Misaki's answer about Hinata and they're not even dating, getting pissy when a guy gets close to her, trying to make her un-able to play volley ball to help aoi just because he didn't want guys checking her out. Yup obsessive to me.

Tora I didn't find anymore stuck up than Misaki and that was due to their experiences. He's actually very nice to Misaki in chapter 76 and I like guys who aren't one dimensional. Tora has his outer mask and then the inner him and find that adorable in guys. *__*

We just have very different preferences in guys Usui annoys me to no end. xD
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Come on... It was the guy's first time being in love... Cut him some slack... gonk He was only trying to protect her during the volleyball thing. Did you think Misaki would have been okay with all of those guys checking her out too?

You just gotta cut the kid some slack... I'm definately not obsessed with Usui (That's America from APH.) but I just feel bad for him when people bash him like that... There's gotta be at least one or two things you like about the guy.

I mean if it wasn't for Tora, the whole feud with the other school (I don't remember the name of it anymore) would have just been done and over with. But including him (And sending Usui to that school) kept that school's name in everyone's minds.
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Whenever I finish an Anime I ask myself "was it good enough to start the manga now?" This was one of those shows for me. I loved Maid Sama. I thought the characters were developed perfectly, there was a lot if not any fan service which I expected a lot more, and the storyline was awesome. I loved this Anime and the Manga is really good too.
^.^ I loved the anime! Never read the manga though O////O
I want a season two to come out for the anime - not sure if it has, but I don't think so.
Usui is darn cute! Wish he was mine xD But T~T unfortunately, no.
l Herd u leik Squirtlez l

Yes of course she would of! Misaki isn't a damsnel in distress. Misaki would of been fine with guys checking her out, she was focused on Aoi. All of the other maids were fine, she isn't a two year old. I would of been offended if it were me.

You bash Tora the same; so you can not really say cut Usui slack when you do not do the same for Tora. No one has to like anyone. I can't stand Usui. I just can't. He's good looking and smart that is it.

Eh to me Tora is more than that; especially in the manga.

Besides no one cuts Tora slack everyone claims he was going to rape Misaki. (Over dramatic and there is no factual evidence. All he did was pin her and maybe steal a kiss or be mocking her or trying to intimidate her.) She was the first girl to ever reject him and over time he becomes much kinder and more fond of her. Yet no one looks at his good traits, and I just generally think Tora is a much better character, he is even forced into an engagement with Chiyo he doesn't want. Hinted by him growing feelings for Misaki in Chapter 76 and Tora never looks happy around Chiyo.

So sorry but I just don't like Usui. I've had my first time in love, still working nearly 4 years later and my fiance wouldn't of done that to me if I were Misaki in the volley ball tournament. So my personal preference is a guy like Tora, for you it is Usui. But you can't force yourself to like a character. xP

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