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I have heard a lot of people lately say stuff like:

Fullmetal Alchemist Rocks !!!!!!!!1!11



Most of the people who make this comments are clueless about the certain anime their talking about.

I mean, since Fullmetal Alchemist became popular suddenly EVERYBODY loves it. And they say that they are the greatest fans of it. But they dont even know what the plot is.

I just want to make a point that: You Dont Have to Like An Anime Just Because Its Popular!!!! If you REALLY like it, then find. But I see lots of poeple that call themselves "Naruto Gods", but when it comes to the truth, the only thing they know about naruto is that he says "Believe it" a lot.

...end of topic.
opinion please. Do you think or do not think the same?
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Not sure depends upon different people. A lot of people will take a look at it if it seems that a lot of people like it too. Other people just say it to fit in a crowd.
not really because i just said "FMA ROX" in a post, and i've watched EVERY episode there is (i really didn't like the idea of AL becoming the pholispher's stone.)
I understand where you are coming from but I have like Naruto since the first manga came out and i saw it before it became mainstream... but the people that now like it b/c every one knows it gets on my nerves
i know......wat u mean mad
Yes I think the exact same. I also hate it when when people who have seen only like a few episodes of one anime and call themself an anime fan.... bleave me there is much more to being an real anime fan then just watching a few animes. I also hate those people who go to conventions, wear cat ears or a naruto head band and call them self a cosplayer..... thats not cosplaying... thats wearing a headband/cat ears. Its anoiing stressed
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...Naruto sucks, seriously, it has too much filler; and Inu Yasha is the same way except it's plot just goes in circles.

FullMetal Alchemist on the other hand, it's characters actually develope, it's not riddled with filler and it has a good solid plot. So this one I like, the other two they can burn for all I care. But yes I do noticed that a lot of the gaia population that is 13 and 14, or in that general younger age group tend to fly off the handle when someone insults their current band wagon anime.
Boy howdy, let's jump on that there band wagon. If everyone thinks it's good, it dag gum must be.

If you market it to kids, it will be underappreciated. That's just the reality of the business.
Thankyou! finalyl someone has said it. Wel lsomeone other than me. At anyrate... You fankids can go to hell...*give the creator of this topic a cookie*
Tempting Love
I understand where you are coming from but I have like Naruto since the first manga came out and i saw it before it became mainstream... but the people that now like it b/c every one knows it gets on my nerves

Me too and I dont like the dubed Naruto they show on TV. I like teh original Japanese..... the voices are better and the music is way better 3nodding
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I believe lack of maturity among the fans and users is the main problem when dealing with fans of certaint Anime because in reality they are kids at a age of 11-16 if not younger. Inuyasha and Naruto are also a perfect example of this since the fans of Inuyasha were clueless of the plot and storyline since the beginning, Inuyasha got old and then died. after that the Inuyasha fans jumped on to the new Anime called Naruto and started claiming that Sasuke and Neji were there 'bishies'.

Its common knowledge, most of the Anime fans in this Forum are not mature and obsess about it because it catches their interests in the beginning but later they grow out of it.
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I like anime just because I like it. I tend to avoid the super oh so popular ones like the current Bleach, Naruto, etc. when picking out a new series because of huge number of the idiotic fans. As for people saying they like an anime when not even knowing what it is, well, they should probably see it first.

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