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Is the birthday for your favorite fictional character here? Check it out and see when some of cartoon's, tv's, super hero's most beloved characters were "born".

Cartoon Character Birthdays

Bugs Bunny: July 27, 1940
Daffy Duck: April 17, 1937
Porky Pig: March 2, 1935
Scooby-Doo: September 13, 1969
Mickey Mouse: May 15 1928
Minnie Mouse: May 15 1928
Daisy Duck: January 9, 1937
Donald Duck: June 9, 1934
Goofy: May 25, 1932
Homer Simpson: May 10, 1955
Sponge Bob Square Pants: May 1, 1999
Winnie the Pooh: October 14, 1926
Pebbles Flintstone: February 22, 1963

Super Hero Birthdays

Batman: May, 1939
Superman: February 19, 1938
Flash: December 1959
Wolverine: October 1974
Cyclops: September 1963
Captain America: March 1941
Spider-Man: August 1962
Mr. Fantastic: November 1961
The Thing: November 1961
Wonder Woman: March 22, 1941

TV and Movie Character Birthdays

Raven Baxter (That's so Raven): January, 1989
Indiana Jones: July 1st 1899
Tamara Campbell & Tia Landry (Sister Sister): November 28, 1979
Doug Heffernan (King of Queens): February 9, 1965
Kevin Arnold (The Wonder Years): March 18, 1956
Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek): March 22, 2233
Oscar the Grouch (Sesame Street): June 1
Cookie Monster (Sesame Street): November 2
Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): October 24, 1980
Barbie (Toy Story and Barbie movies): March 9, 1959

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My favorite character was born November 31st

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Hmmm, I know some of the birthdays for Persona 3 and Death Note characters.... Haha, I kinda celebrated Mello's last year and got a huge bar of chocolate.
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Where's Gintoki. neutral
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I don't know when Johan's is, bawww.
And it's Gintoki's birthday today.
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Currently; watching Kara no Kyoukai, reading NaruTaru impateintly waiting for Higurashi Rei and the Higurashi live action movie. D;
:'D Spongebob's "birthday" falls on the same day as my mom's

My fave characters B.day is on the same day as my cousins. (August 15th)
    Your list needs moar Mizuki Hajime.

    May 27. >|

Sakata-san Says:
This thread needs more Gintoki. Seriously. D:
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July 7th talk2hand
Rawr! XD
Needs alot more. These are all American cartoons.
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What, no Lavi? AUGUST 9TH, BETCH. In that strain of thought, Vincent Valentine isn't there either! October 13th! Mark it.

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Currently watching TTGL, reading Narutaru, and patiently awaiting Higurashi Rei.
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"Oh god! Stop it, I'm in a pool of tears."

My birthday is on Halloween, and L is my favorite character in Death Note...so, yay? ;]

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