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Well, I think it's pretty funny, and even kind of cute. But I can't blame others for it not being their cup of tea.

The dub is what makes it for me, though. I probably wouldn't like the series at all if it weren't for Funi's humor and the blast they clearly had while dubbing it.
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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of the show. I myself find it humorous and cute , but there will always be those who won’t like a show f or some reason or another

but yes, the crazy fangirls and some of the fanbase who are more vocal and fanboy/girlish do kind of ruin it for others.
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I think Hetalia is funny. Especially if you know your history! But I should point out that Hetalia is NOT to help learn about history. The characters are basically stereotypes of the country they represent.
What I hate about hetalia: the fandom. Can't stand it.
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I don't think it's offensive or anything, but the reason I dislike it is because it's just a stupid and pointless anime. It's random and just..wtf.
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      » { I'm personally a big fan of Hetalia [no duh] but I'm most definitely not gonna say I knew everything about history from it.
      And yes, Hetalia is racist at times and some people might take it too seriously or think it's not funny at all.
      But it's the fandom that kills it.
      There are so many rabid fangirls everywhere that us sane ones turn invisible like Canada.
      So, to sum it all up, Hetalia's a cool anime, but just be careful of the fanbase. Just watching them show disrespect makes me wanna kick their asses and teach them a damn lesson. scream
      The rabid fans are like the stereotypes of all Hetalia fans. But really, we're not all like that. But, I still understand and respect why you dislike/hate it. People have different tastes. :3 }
I personally like it a lot. Since it's a popular anime series some people will love it or hate it. Though I find it a bit ridiculous when people don't want to watch or like the anime because of the fanbase. rolleyes Yeah not going to lie the fanbase can get irritating, but as long as you like it that's all what should matter. Trust me not all the fans are obnoxious.
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I said the same thing but then I read the manga and loved it! The next thing I knew I was at a con watching a screening to the third season.
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I personaly like Hetalia. I understand why alot of people don't like it, as it is racist and crude (of course everyone has said that already). But yes everybody has their own opinion for everything. I think the show is pretty funny (and yes the comedy did drop the second season), because I know you're not suppost to take it seriously. Like, I'm a Canadian, and I think it's awesome that they make fun of me and my country!
that the Japanese had no right to make this show.

LOL. That argument is pretty dumb. So Americans can make shows based on stereotypes like South Park but Japanese can't do the same thing? I'm also going to add that Hetalia is a lot less offensive than South Park.
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    Well I personally love and adore Hetalia. The true reason I may never know, but yes I do have a thing for history and it’s the reason why I’ve watched it. 

    The anime is short, simple and doesn’t have too much tension, which I enjoy most while watching the anime. Yes, there are people who dislike it, and personally I can see why, using nations as anime character while the fangirls makes them all homosexual and lust over each other, yes it’s really annoying and distubing. But no, I’m not that fangirl. Moves away*

    I heard some people stories where they used to like it, but now strongly dislike it the anime because of the fanbase, I admit that is true, girls can be rather mean and very one sided, which is the reason why I don’t go too deep in Hetalia. 

    Other then that, I’m just a passing fan. 
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Meh, I don't find Hetalia racist, but the cultural stereotyping is still evident. Anyway, I feel neutral to watching it. I don't like it or dislike it.
I like it. As long as you don't take it as a history lesson.
P.S. They stereotype everyone, no one goes with no stereotyping.
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I use to be an obsessed hetaboo.

The fanbase is mostly girls, weeaboos, or weeaboo girls who are obessed with yaoi.

Even if I was in the hetalia fanbase for over a year and was a hardcore fan, i still think a lot of the fanbase is shitty. Ive also noticed a large number of hetalia fans moving on to homestuck though.

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