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Now that I think about it, I grew up on Cardcaptors and Sailor Moon, now I mainly watch Shonen, I never really noticed that it had changed XD
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Awhile back I watched mainly action, adventure and sci-fi anime. I still watch these kinds of anime, but lately I've getting into drama. But when I watch drama anime, I usually want that anime to have something else such as comedy or action. That being said, I won't watch drama anime that includes romance, psychological, horror or just straight up drama (to the point where it's like a soap oprea) as a central part of that particular anime. This is why I'm interested in watching shows like Clannad, Evangelion or Anohana.
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I'll watch the old cutesy s**t that I used to like such as Princess Tutu, Pretear, Love Hina, Kurumi, and School Rumble, but I don't go looking for any other anime that are similar to those. I'm fine with those that I had grown up on and I don't seek to find anything else like those.
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Welcome, comrade.
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when i first got into anime all i would watch was shoujo. i literally swore i would never watch a shounen b/c normally action movies don't interest me. but now im watching one piece and deadman wonderland etc it feels so weird.
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hmm...not really

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I wanna say..yes, mildly. I've become far more open minded when it comes to content of the show, and a bit more snooty when it comes to content as well.
I think I barely watch romance anymore, unless it's utterly depressing, and I really don't watch as much action anime as I used to.

Like when I got into anime, here's what I watched; Princess Nine, Sailor Moon, Ouran High School and Fruits Basket.

Now I've seen shows like Natsume Yuujinchou, Junjou Romantica, No. 6, Magi, SOA, and so on...

Not sure what happened, but they aren't all necessarily girly..are they? They certainly aren't all terribly manly either.
I used to love anime that was just short attention span. Really action heavy anime. And now, I love slice of life.
I don't think my tastes have changed too much. I tend to lean towards anime that isn't about a Japanese high school and has a good bit of action. That being said, I'll still give most anything a shot. However, I am very choosey in what I watch now. If it doesn't interest me by episode 2 then I usually drop it. I think this is also because anime is now far more accessable than it used to be. Now you can download or stream it online so easily. A few years ago when I was growing up anime was a lot harder to come by so I sort of took what I could get.
I've always been open to any anime, so my interest is always changing.
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11-year-old me was obsessed with everything and anything magical girl. Nowadays... I can't stand any of 'em, except for maybe Shugo Chara and the original Pretty Cure (the one with just Cure Black and White, never seen any of the new ones). I got into mainstream shonen fighter-type series not too long after.

Nowadays... my tastes are pretty varied, but I'm still into mainstream shonen. But I'll watch/read anything as long as I don't hate the plot and it's not a Western-style Tolkienesque fantasy (went through a phase where that was ALL I enjoyed when getting into any form of entertainment, anime/manga or otherwise, and it's just gotten tired) and nothing too uber-MOE~ with several exceptions (if there's at least one girl who's really a crossdressing guy, I'm down with that)
If anything I have become more particular ;3
I was a lot more enamored with romance than I am now.
Like, to the point where I thought the Negima anime was actually good.
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I used to watch a lot of anime for the younger generation(i.e. Pokemon, Sailor moon, Zoids, etc.) but I'm into more the mature rated anime.

I still watch some but I prefer series with nudity and more violence like "Highschool of The Dead", "Gungrave", etc.
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Not at all. Although I watch different genres now I still enjoy action, adventure, seinen, and anything with samurai. Interestingly my favorite series doesn't belong to any of those I mentioned.

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