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Title is self explanatory. So, AMC, has your taste in anime changed over the years?
I suppose it's natural these days to gravitate toward stories with an older cast, deeper plot, since I myself am older, but moreso my taste in genres has expanded.
I still enjoy a good shounen story as I always have, but I love mech now more than ever and have a penchant for gay men, whether canon or not. Oops.

Tastes in characters has definitely changed though.
I remember as a kid fawning over pretty boy types of characters like Sesshoumaru or Bakura.
However, looking on them now, I wonder why I even liked them to begin with.
Maybe it's because nowadays I love myself some manly men. Unf.

So, tell me all about it, ya'll. ~
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For the longest time, the only anime I would watch was Sailor Moon until my cousin showed me other anime.
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Sailor Moon used to be my one and only anime. I still like it but now I like other things like Samurai 7, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic and other fighting anime. I also like some horror anime and comedy.

I guess I wouldn't say my taste has changed so much as it just expanded beyond the magical girl genres.
as a matter of fact, no. not at all.

i still have the same favorite series (how long as it been again? 15 years? slightly less than that, i suppose. jesus christ). i like more or less the same kind of characters too.

it might be because by the time i started watching anime my taste has already been quite refined (or, rather, stagnant. duh.)
Well, I used to watch things like Bleach and D.Gray-Man, and now I prefer to watch things like Phoenix or Le Chevalier D'eon.
A bit less action and a bit more development for me.

But overall I prefer fantasy/scifi over things like slice of life and such. That hasnt changed much.
Yes and no
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Not really, I'm pickier though. I'm not like "zomg I'm going to watch this just because it's anime."

Tastes in men has widened, but I will always love me some pretty boys.
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nah, not much. i have similar likes and dislikes from when i first started watching anime that wasn't on television. although, when haruhi suzumiya first came out i honestly thought it was the greatest show ever made, and i believed it until gurren lagann came around.
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No not really. I mean i guess i watch a few more Shojo type anime now. Before i wouldn't go near it , it was all about Mecha and gore for me , so i guess that's good ? maybe , i don't know.
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the younger me liked short anime with a clear, nice plot
also shoujo
the current me says "******** that" and loves 127 episode long super dimensional soccer anime and any other anime meant to sell toys or whatever and lots of shota
but then again i still loved that stuff when i was younger so i guess it never really changed
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    my taste has definitely changed the years.
    my old favorites were Ouran High School Host Club, Loveless, and Fruits Basket.
    i do still like these, but not as much.

    i mean, i used to think Paranoia Agent and Serial Experiments were boring and stupid. now they're one of my favorites.

    the only anime that has been one of my favorites all these years is Nana.
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well, I'm not obssessed with yaoi/shonen-ai anymore.
I still do love my mushy shojos and some gorey horror now and then mad
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I don't think my taste in anime has changed at all. I've always loved horror, psychological, comedy and slice of life. I don't think they're genres that you grow out of.
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My taste has changed ALOT. When I first started watching anime I hated anything with even a little blood, now all I watch violent anime. I also never watched anime unless it was in English, and that changed too rofl
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Yes, before I was fully into anime I would watch almost anything. I watched Drangonball and Tenchi and anything that came on TV. But now that I am older those anime series fall under genres I don't like now. I don't like harem or magical girl, sci-fi and such. Not only that but between I think this year and last, I have really grown annoyed with anime series that had tsunderes in them, I refuse to continue a series with them in it. And overly hyper anime characters that aren't little kids but act as such, it goes on my dropped list.

I think I am either getting too picky or too serious with anime, I don't know but I am finding myself less and less tolerant with anime now and days.

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