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Sour Bento

Who's Saki again? o.o;
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I love Shizuo
Sour Bento
Do you guys hate Saki?
If so, why?
She's just an innocent character! ;w;''
I love Saki <3
I don't hate Saki, I think she's cute.

In all fairness, she did help advance the story as it pertained to Anri, so maybe she should have gotten more screentime
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Eh, pretty much the general opinion. She was just kind of there and I can't form a proper opinion of her since she was a sudden character and there wasn't much of her. At most I can say I did find her kind of creepy because of how earnest she was to Izaya but otherwise I don't have much of an opinion of her.
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To be honest, I didn't like her manner of talking but that's me being picky. I'm neutral on the character.
I kind of dislike the character.
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The World isn't as cruel....

I have no reason to hate her heart

.....as you take it to be.

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I kinda hate her but then feel sorry for her because her leg got broken
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She was just there.

I only like Celty, pretty much it.
Oh, and the cameo by Issac and Miria.
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Ryasha K Akiyama
She was barely ever around enough for me to form an opinion of her.
She's just......there.

I feel the same way. However, I am not to fond of her in the novels.
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Meh...Not really.....
Who is this 'Saki' we speak of?

Durarara!! was pretty boring. I may have slept through her parts.

She's Masaomi's girlfriend.
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Who is this 'Saki' we speak of?

Durarara!! was pretty boring. I may have slept through her parts.
Saki is just pretty much there.

Just based on the anime alone, no one can have a true opinion of her. Though her godlike idolization for Izaya is annoying but if you read the light novels..( I found them translated into Chinese and bought them immediately. ^w^ Who cares if the language hurts my brain. )

She's okay. I still don't really have an opinion of her.
I don't mind Saki. In fact, I'm glad Masaomi chose her and stopped chasing Anri.

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