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Thank God for that, eh?
^ Agreed. I'm so glad he, Hannah, and Claude are gone.
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Wait, who's the retard that necro'd this? I've been quoted for something I said last year.. and yet I still stand by that simple statement.
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Yes, sadly our little pshyco DID die. gonk Ah, but the sneaky little freak was able to make Sebastian NOT get Ciel's "pure" soul! scream He makes another contract with Hannah while being fused with Ciel, and so he has Sebby's, Claude's, and Hannah's contract in that one eye. sweatdrop Thus, Hannah, Claude, and Alois die.......and Ciel is a demon! Sebastain has to serve him for all eternity, and isn't happy about it! the last you HEAR of Alois is rejoicing with Luca his little bro, and they're happy beacause "we aren't alone anymore!" due to the 2 deceased demons, but you dont hear anything from them. the ending was crappy....i think ill go back to reading the manga..... emo
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i can sympathize with him poor baby just needed some love, n claude is an a*****e, ciel was a b***h, sebastian was....sebastian, and hannah, i just wanted to beat the hell outta that b***h!! stressed xp
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Its kind of what happens when someone crushes your skull.... sweatdrop

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