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Any dragonball series.

Gasp! Blasphemy! How can you not love impossibly buff guys yelling at each other and growing epic mullets? Its like pro wrestling but with lasers and explosions!

(in case people can't tell, its sarcasm. I don't care for the anime myself, the games are where its at.)

It takes like, ten episodes for one fight to be over. It was alright at first, when it was Dragonball. The Z came along.

But that was most of the fun! (sarcasm, of course).

Yes. Totally.
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Accel World
Kill Me Baby
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Naruto shippuden: I don't really know what happened to the anime but its just turned into a piece of crap.
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Bleach. It started off with an interesting concept and then rapidly deteriorated into boring DBZ-style power battles and endless filler. I have no idea why it's so popular. It's not quite as mind-numbingly monotonous as DBZ, but it's pretty close.
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Lucky Star, K-On! and Nichijou... though less nichijou because it has funny scenes it just takes too damn long to get to them. Also Kanon, good concept liked it the first two times I watched can't stand it now.
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sorry but hell girl is way too predictable and repetitive fr me to find it interesting stare
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Gunslinger Girl. I fall asleep every time
Trinity Blood. Dull as dirt, but really pretty art. The art is probably the only reason I still have it. That, and I got the box set for like, thirty bucks, which included the pretty art booklets.

Niea Under 7. Saw this a long time ago, so I'll probably give it another chance. Still, I remember being bored out of my skull watching however many episodes I managed to get through, which wasn't many.

Slayers. I know, this is probably a weird one. I was about twelve or thirteen at the time and for some reason just couldn't get into it. But like Niea, I'm gonna give it another chance sometime. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood to watch it.

Cowboy Bebop. Yes, THE GREATEST ANIME EVER bored me to freaking tears. I'm sorry Bebop fans, I really am, and I'm sincerely glad you enjoyed it. But I just couldn't bring myself to care about these characters and their shenanigans.
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fruits basket after having to sit through it more then once....also i dropped bleach because i got bored when the first went to the soul society.
lupin the third I suppose
******** lucky star.
I have to agree Cosboy bebop is annoying and I hate how everyone who likes it is a ******** hipster.
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Gilgamesh. I've been told it gets good. But I couldn't even bring myself to watch the second episode. Confusing and dull is an awful combination.
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Emma: A Victorian Romance - couldn't get past episode 4 (since I already read the manga and it follows it at such a slow pace, it was too boring to continue watching)

Winter Sonata - couldn't get past the first episode (again, slow-paced, and it doesn't help that it seems like it'll be a tragedy... one of my least-favourite genres)

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