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my least favorite anime that doesn't have season 2 are:
* angel beats
* ouran high host club
* 07- ghost
* moetan
scream scream scream scream scream why does the author quitted to make season 2 of 07- ghost??!!! > sad
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Maybe Steins;Gate, I guess? o.o I dunno, most anime have good endings, in my opinion.

Edit: Scratch that, Rozen Maiden. Definitely Rozen Maiden.
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    I really was expecting a season 2 after reading the manga. >.> Would have wanted to see that Kaoru/Hiraku/Haruhi/Tamaki storyline in the manga.
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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Even though is sucked. Finish what you start, people!!!
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Ouran High School Host Club, and Fruits Basket and Bleach.

Even though Bleach was a total drag with the anime, I love the Manga though, they just ended it when the Manga reached it's last arc. Hope they come back and animate this last arc WITHOUT FILLERS!
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I want Elfin Lied, High school of the Dead, and Rosario+Vampire to have more seasons. I've enjoyed these anime because they are way better in plot and characters than One Piece and Bleach. Just sayin. whee smile I LOVE LUCY (Elfin Lied), MIZORE (Rosario+Vampire), and HIRANO (H.O.T.D)! biggrin
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Fruits Basket, enough said.
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Blue Exorcist because it's a really good show and Murder Princess because it was a good show as well. 3nodding
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Hmmm, I think Trigun could have went another season.
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I know it's pretty old but, I really wished that Code Geass & Prince Of Tennis had another season lol sweatdrop
I was so obsessed ~

And I guess Blue Exorcist but that show is kinda new so eh, they'll probably make another season...

OH. And Junjou Romantica, I WANT MORE DAMMIT. gonk
Highschool of the dead! Come on people, the world is still ending!
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I don't watch a lot of anime, but I feel they should make another season of Haruhi. The books are really cool and I'd like to see them animated.
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PANTY AND STOCKING, seriously xD Even though it had a perfect ending, I want more xxD
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Durarara! The light novels are so awesome with loads of interesting characters that haven't been introduced to the anime yet... Plus I want to see Shizuo and Izaya more xD

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