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Samurai Champloo
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clannad,angel beats,fruits baskets,soul eaterthey all need another season so badly
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Fruits Basket! I wish it went up all the way to the very end of the manga. ;~; heart
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Pepper Scarlett
Fruits Basket! I wish it went up all the way to the very end of the manga. ;~; heart

Kino's Journey, Working!!, The Law of Ueki, and Hajime no Ippo.

Especially Kino and Ippo.
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07-ghost needs a second series, the manga goes further then the anime, so they should make more to the anime. 3nodding
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Sailor Moon
Fruits Basket
Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka
Elfin Leid
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Kawaii Kawamoto
Kawaii Kawamoto

Okay xD Have fun with that o uo
//Too lazy to do a petition but I'm waiting for HetaOni to update emotion_0A0
~Mostly Indochinese~ o: I don't know but finding out China is voiced by a girl in the dub= classified_fu classified_fu classified_fu ~Tableflips~ emotion_donotwant

Haha, will do! Thanks for the recommend. xd
HETAONII!! Haha~ emotion_bigheart
And I wish they'd show the 2P characters in the series.. It would be awesome xDDDDDD
OuO Awesomee!!! xD Hahaha Forever Dubbed by a Girl.. emotion_facepalm
Funimation: emotion_awesome

No problem xD
I love HetaOni with a passion ; o; I don't care if it's just a fanmade game THEY NEED TO MAKE A MOVIE AND AN ANIME classified_fu
They could do that for a new season xD It'd be so strange though cause this one picture of Prussia talking about what 2P Germany would be like and he said that 2P Germany must be a stripper x'DDDD
Forever Dubbed by a Girl crying Poor China D:

Yes!! We should send that suggestion to the studio.. The Japanese studio. xD I want to hear their /real/ voices as 2Ps. And stripper Germany? xDDDDDD LOL!!! That'd be awesome. xDDD

Or they should at least put up a video of them being their 2P selves on Youtube emotion_dowant Yeah stripper Germany OTL Can't find the link to the picture though xDDDDD
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Desert Punk
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panty and stocking.
gainax is such a troll company XD
it doesn't need one necessarily, but I really just wish there was more...
Alright, thinking about it, i'm going to go watch it again now!!
Ouran High School Host Club
They ended it well in the manga, though.
Desert Punk

I already had a complainer the other day talking to me about that.
clannad,angel beats,fruits baskets,soul eaterthey all need another season so badly

Clannad does not.
It ended wonderfully.
Unless you want to see the challanges Ushio has, if she gets her mothers illness.
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I agree with Ouran High School Host Club needing a second season, 3nodding but I would also like to see another season of Fruits Basket. heart I love that one so much then it ended at around episode 25-27. sweatdrop

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