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Black Butler is one and Digimon Xros was another
Hitman Reborn... Easily the Ten Year Later arc just made me drop it so fast I never looked back.

I liked the Hitman Reborn but when i started TYL i got a little bored and just kinda dropped it.

I also dropped Inuyasha and for awhile Naruto too until just recently.
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i couldn't finish blood plus and i don't know even why
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I used to start and stop series all the freaking time. Luckily I've learned how to spot pretty quickly whether I'd like something or not. I tend to go for more serious plots and the art style can reflect that. I navigate through streaming providers' anime selection pretty easily. I could not have done that 10 years ago.

But yeah, series I remember blatantly putting my foot down like "NO, I WILL NOT WATCH YOU" would be Excel Saga and Chobits.
Excel Saga I just thought was so obnoxious and everyone was so obsessed with it and I just didn't get it. I don't like heavy humor most of the time.
Then Chobits I stopped watching because I'm a huge fan of the manga and I didn't feel like it was doing it justice. An entire episode dedicated to getting her panties? Really? emotion_donotwant
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There have been PLENTY of anime that I have started and then just gave up on. crying

A couple of standouts include Black Butler, Mushi-shi, and Claymore.

Mushi-shi is a good anime, but I always started it up and then something would come up in my life and I wouldn't have time for it. Black Butler was kind of weird for me. Even though I found myself laughing sometimes, other times I was like "WTF." I got all the way through Claymore until there were only a couple of episodes left and I just lost interest.
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ummm let see...

chrono crusade
chicchana yukitsukai sugar

i know there are more, but cant remember right now sorry xd
I never finished Black Blood Brothers....I kind of just forgot about it.
Guyver sweatdrop Watched the first five minutes, spent the rest of the day depressed and dissapointed. stare
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bleach...it had too much filler
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Code Geass, I was always more of a Gundam man anyways. emotion_dealwithit

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