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Full Metal Panic, just didn't like it for some reason...
Most of the anime/manga I've started, I either drop or put on-hold.
And who knows when I'll actually pick up the ones I've put on-hold,
which means that I'll have to refresh my mind.
I'm just a fickle person who loses interest very easily.
Usually I'll start an anime and then lose interest and start another one,
and then eventually come back to it if I like it enough.
And to add to that, I tend to start re-watching anime but not finish them.
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Off the top of my head, some manga I've dropped:

En Passant - while I liked the whole chess analogy, I had a hard time connecting with any of the characters, especially the main character. I think I made it almost half-way through the series (I've checked on it and found out where it finished at). Plus, I felt unconvinced by the direction the plot was taking - it just didn't feel well put together at all. And the relationships between the characters were not very believable to me either (like the girl liking such an unmotivated and negative main character who doesn't give a crap about anybody or anything, despite her sweet, innocent, and air-headed disposition).

Cage of Eden - I made it through over 30 chapters, but apart from the cool mystery solving sequence where the main character watches the video and learns what happened to the people who had still been on the plane, I just felt like head-desking the rest of the time. Akira's best friend's character felt like it went really out of character and unrealistic to me when he decided that murder was ok (one person as an accident, fine, another person out of paranoia, maybe, but his thoughts after that were too much of a stretch for me). And while I'm ok with a little ecchi in usually a humourous context, the number of fanservice panty shots just added to my desire to drop the series. Having the know-it-all come up with answers so readily all the time is so cop-out, it feels like reading a mary sue (or gary stu). It doesn't feel properly researched (although some aspects do, the overall story is just lacking in good plot development that blends fantasy with fact) (actually, even just good plot development as a story feels amiss).

Hwang Mi Ri and Han Yu-Rang stories that I haven't already completed. Why have I decided to drop these authors altogether (and never pick up another one of their stories)? Their main characters are practically carbon copies of one another (especially the main male in his character design and personality and abilities, and the female in her personality and abilities and relationships with other people). It's hard to believe the depth of feelings between the two main characters (she loves him sooo much... but there's really no connection on a personality level it's all in just the looks) (she usually has more of a connection with the second-place guy who actually develops a potential romance with her on more than just looks). The plot usually starts off so interesting and different, yet by the end of the story, it has the exact same outcome as all the others, and certain plot points that always happen you can pretty much predict the entire thing. And while there may be moments of possible foreshadowing, those are pretty much forgotten along the way (the plot jumps from moment to moment like a person's thoughts scattering here and there, and there's no overall flow or connection from beginning to end). Really you can't think too deeply about these stories since there is no deep thought put into them, just take it at face value. If you like to think about stories in depth, you'll be highly disappointed with these ones.
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Gundam Age
the worst gundam anime ever
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I'm so bad when it comes to watching anime...I love anime so much but I never have time to finish a series and sometimes...well, some anime's are just not worth watching.

-Claymore - I wanted this anime to be so epic but it lacked substance and the story became boring. The only thing I loved about the anime was the animation and the girls but...it's not enough for me.

-Love Hina - I've watched heaps of love harem stories and I did get into the series, I have like 2 volumes left to go but I just couldn't be bothered watching the rest of the series.

-Cyber City Oedo - I love classical anime movie but my freakin' goodness I couldn't finish this anime because it was just soooooo boring!

-Excel Saga - Even though I love Puni Puni Poemi, I just can't sit through 24 episodes of insane bull-sh-it! I watched the first volume and I don't remember much of it except the fact that it was a loud series haha...I might watch it again maybe.

-Wolf's Rain - I got to maybe the last volume in my boxset and I just couldn't bring myself to watching the series because I was too busy back then to make time for the series. By the time I felt like watching the series I was too lazy to start the series all over again lolz...

I've also not watched second seasons of anime like...Steel Angel Kurumi and Magic Knight Rayearth.

Yeah, though mostly because I just started watching something else which was more interesting and never got to finish the old ones... (Also a lot of manga stop halfway and you have to wait like ages to continue)
Bleach, Naruto, and a lot more.
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Ginga Densetsu Weed. I didn't actually drop it, I just "didn't watch it in a while and forgot what episode I was on and am too lazy to start watching again but will get around to it eventually".
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Too many to count.

Bleach - I kept feeling like the same events were repeating themselves over and over again and the story wasn't going anywhere at all.

Shakugan no Shana - I watched the first 2 seasons and the first episode of the third season. I went wtf when I realized that Shana's love interest was the bad guy and dropped it. Plus Kugirie's tsundere lolis are boring to me.

Hidan no Aria - It sucked + Kugirie voices all her tsundere lolis in exactly the same way which gets boring really fast.

Black Rock Shooter - I got to episode 4 somehow. Big mistake forcing myself to watch this. It was even more disappointing for me than the OVA and considering how crappy the OVA was, that's quite the achievement.

I could go on for pages just ranting about all the anime I've dropped hahaha.
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LOL, I have so many. Most of them are because I ran out of time and never brought up the will to watch it again. There are a few that I've stopped because I just couldn't friggin' stand it anymore. mad

1. School Days- I saw a spoiler on youtube and when I found out about the plot, I just dropped it right ehre

2. Shugo Chara- I somehow made it pretty far until I realized how retarded I felt when I watched it. It was ok in the beginning but somehow Amu became a girly girl and I saw too many ***** moments. Or maybe that's just my mind sweatdrop

3. Gravitation- Oh God..... Just no. The pink haired guy was just so annoying. I didn't even make it through the first episode.

I have the feeling I'm going to get bashed for hatin' on these animes since they seem to be popular (somehow), but this is my opinion whee
Elizabeta Héderváry

Bleach, after the first season. The original, interesting premise was over and "done" with, so I had no more reason to go any further.

User Image User Image
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Honestly? More anime than I care to remember! I've been accused and I am self-accused of being overtly picky when it comes to anime series. Sometimes I can tolerate manga more for fluffier plots.
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inuyasha. the beginning is interesting but the middle to ending parts are just made of boring.
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-Guilty Crown (after 1st episode)
-Ao no Exorcist (after some chapters...I had other stuff bookmarked that I needed to read first)
-Gosick (kinda want to pick it up again. Dropped after 5 episodes)
-Vampire Knight (dropped after 50 something chapters?)
-Alice in the Country of Hearts (kinda got annoying for some reason)
-Hell Girl (after middle of first season. Got too repetitive)
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Inu Yasha, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Shaman King, Fushigi Yuugi (tho I'm still reading Genbu Kaiden). Yeah those. cat_stare

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