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Dropped it but plan to start watching it again.
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Dropped it but plan to start watching it again.

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A ton. I'll just name a couple of the more notable ones.

Reborn: The series had a spark but it's absolute trash now. I tried getting back into it a couple months back but it got even more terrible.Easily the worst Jump manga out now. I just couldn't take the assyness anymore.

Bakuman: It got too repetitive for my taste. IMO, it should've ended a while ago. The writers are just extending the inevitable end at this point.
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Naruto.. I am just done.. just done..
Dropped Bleach, but I picked it back up begrudgingly..
D.Gray Man. Should have ended after the Noah arc.
I am sure there are others I can't think of at the moment.
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the anime version of Supernatural
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Shugo Chara - Amu's mood swings annoy the hell out of me like nothing else, as well as Ikuto being a superpedo and totally not hot/cool/sexy in any way.

Uta no Prince-sama - Nanami is just... She's a normal girl with too-unique eyes that does nothing that makes her any more different than any other regular girl, and she gets all the guys.

Hetalia - I dropped it at the second episode. I just couldn't do it.
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What I remember off the top of my head:

D. gray man, Clannad, and Hitman Reborn..
Shuffle! got spoiled for me, and I hated Asa's guts, so...

Rosario to Banpaia was just... Second rate...

Nichijou couldn't keep my attention, too weird.

Hetalia... I'm sorry but you can't cure my hatred of history.

I feel like I'm forgetting a few, but that's fitting because I dropped them.
I was really into it during the hardcore 'Naruto Era' on cartoonnetwork
but then came the fillers...
Then a year or so later shippudden came out in Japan
but then...came the fillers...
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Kill Me Baby. Granted I only watched two episodes before I dropped it, which is hardly half. I was expecting hilarity, and I got non-hilarity (Sure, the bear thing made me chuckle at first, but they drew it out far too long!)

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai- I was hoping the story could drown out the ecchi, but I got to the pool bit of episode two and Booberella's boobs just got annoying.

Those are the only two that are notable. I've never really dropped a series halfway in, it's normally right near the beginning or else I'm all "Well, I wasted this much time, I might as well finish it..."
I'm a wee bit fussy so I drop a lot of shows. I'll list a few.

Bleach, I got up to those vampire fillers and couldn't stand it much anymore. I enjoyed the first arc though and I'm not usually into shounen so I gotta give it some credit.

Fate/stay night. I couldn't get into it and got bored after a few episodes. I later played the VN it was based off and loved it so I guess it was probably just a bad adaptation or something.

Star Driver. I loved it at first but the rehashed animation got to me and I didn't really like any of the characters.

Hidan no Aria. Just.. lol.

Symphogear. The first episode was great but it went downhill to the point of being laughable very quickly.
I dropped both the manga and anime of One Piece and the anime Naruto... mainly because it became so damn repetitive that I couldn't stand it anymore, that and I was growing out of anime pretty much... Inuyasha was another anime that I stopped watching as well.
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Star Driver. I loved it at first but the rehashed animation got to me and I didn't really like any of the characters.

Hidan no Aria. Just.. lol.

This is how I feel about both these shows.
And I too dropped them.

Also I dropped Dragon Crisis( first couple episodes where really fantastic, then it became a s**t storm of everything I hate).

I would also say [c] but I've started watching it again so that doesn't count.
D.Gray Man. I wanted to continue with the anime, I really did. But... There's only so much filler one can take.

Also, Mirai Nikki. I dunno why, I got bored with it after a while.
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Clannad...episode one...5 min in....eh.

Bleach: The Bounts made me stop watching it, and I haven't watched Bleach in 3 years now :p

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