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    There are tons~
    I drop Clannad but after when I cry.
    Drop tons of shojo mangas, because for some reason it kinda repeats itself.
    Naruto, Bleach, Reborn and all the pretty popular that goes on for a long a** while, dropped ages ago~~
    And yea, I got tons more.
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Number one series that I dropped partway through? Shugo Chara.
I made it until episode twenty-four, and then lost it. There's only so much awkward romance between middle school kids and (noticeably) older guys that I can stand, especially when she finds his ero zone. Um, what? No. Not happening.
I also didn't like the new club members that were introduced, it felt like they were trying too damn hard, and they were so *shallow*.
Not to mention that despite the great side character cast, Amu personally was boring as s**t. She had literally no personality, and that's apparently precisely what made her a ~*speshul snowflake*~ heroine? Bullshit. That, combined with how everyone ******** loves her on sigh for no reason... Well, I didn't like Twilight either. It's the same thing.
And it's a shame too, because I did really like some things about the series. And Ikuto might have had a really good character arc, I don't know. Ditto for Tadase. And I'd love to have seen some backstory and explanation for everything. And maybe Utau grew up a little and became an awesome partner. And I know I missed awesome Nagehiko and Nikaidou things, damn it. But I just couldn't take it anymore. I just couldn't. ;_; It used up my patience and suspension of disbelief, and lost me as a result.

That's the only series I see myself as having dropped, I think. Everything else I just see as 'on-hiatus' until I get more free time. XD
That and the Pokemon anime, which I dropped for sure a couple years ago after I ran out of the time and patience for it. Though I do still tune in on occasion.
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I dropped the Naruto manga at volume 27; it was just way too long at that point.
I didn't even make it to the release of Shippuden in America.

I keep dropping Cowboy Bebop, too. I really, really want to like that series, but for whatever reason it's just not keeping me hooked.
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User Imageยป Can't remember the names right now, but I've dropped several anime from the harem genre. I can't stand how perverted they all end up being.
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Utawarerumono: I got distracted...
Kanokon: Too much fanservice
Bleach / Naruto: Filler

tiger and bunny ._.;;; i started it after the hype and ughhh i dropped it, it's so slow moving and barnaby is the most annoying character -_-;

dropped clannad too, couldn't get past episode 3.
dropped area no kishi. i thought it was going to be good but it's so boring.
i wanted to drop persona 4 but unfortunately i watched the entirety of that awful series hoping it would end up being great. it was not.

i also normally never drop manga series i'm reading even when they're boring. case and point, naruto -_-; never dropped it even tho it's butt rn.
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I've dropped a bunch of series. Most notably, "Gunsinger Girl" - I own the DVDs and about 5 of the manga volumes, yet I haven't been able to get past the first few chapters/episodes in YEARS of my owning them. All I know is that I tried, haha
I dropped Bleach and Naruto completely. They have way too many episodes and arcs anymore, and I just got tired of the same thing over and over again.
Sailor Moon :/ I like it, but it had WAY to many seasons. And what I don't get is that there's who-knows-how-many episodes, yet there's only 18 volumes in the manga
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Umm I stopped watching Monster because it was kinda eeeeeeeeeeh, otherwise I've watched all animes I started watching all the way emotion_yatta
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I dropped Naruto because it got boring after the first 5 episodes.
I also dropped Death Note. Obvious reason is obvious.... L. Why??!
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Trinity Blood the anime. I watched the first couple of episodes, but I found them too boring to continue.

Samurai Deeper Kyo anime. I really enjoyed the manga and heard about how horrible the anime was compared to the manga. I was curious and wanted to find out for myself so I watched some episodes and found out that they were terrible. I try to find the original Japanese versions of the animes that I watch since I can't stand English dubs and the English voice acting for SDK was unbearably bad that I just stopped watching.

Black Bird. I think I read up to chapter 30-something and I stopped for no reason. I don't know what happened, but I suddenly lost interest in it.
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7/10 animes get dropped by me. I end up peeking at them later out of curiosity.

I do try to follow through, best way is when they're first coming out and I know what day they update. If I get it on DVD, I better love it. I LOVED Paradise Kiss...But lol, I had that online to love it. But Dragonauts, while I had me for almost the whole series..KILLED OFF ALL OF THE GOOD CHARACTERS...So I made up my own ending and sent it back. :T

But yeah, I'm the worst anime fan cus if it doesn't keep my ADHD interest, it gets dropped.
I think for me it's rarer that I don't drop a series.. especially if they are pretty long.

Detective Conan - it was cool at first, and i really want to know what happens. But the story is all filler. I know that the main idea of the series is not really the main plot (as in, having Conan get is original self back), but of a little kid knowing every little thing.
But still... I want to know! I've dropped it though because it's way too long and there's too little of the main plot, which I seem to care about more than the author himself.

Bleach - eh, was okay. But then it got too long and my attention span didn't last. I also probably got busy with tests or something and never picked it up again.

Naruto - same as Bleach. It was okay but got too long and I got busy and never picked it up again.

Gintama - I actually like it, but again I stopped keeping up for some reason and never picked it up again. Maybe I will in the future. For those who say they don't really see the appeal or find it very funny, I think it may be a cultural thing.
It's like trying to be entertained by Family Guy or the Simpsons without knowing anything about American culture. It'll just be offensive and stupid and full of allusions you didn't even realize was there.
Gintama's references are pretty hard for even a normal Japanese person to get all of, so it's not surprising if other people don't get the humor. I was actually pretty surprised when I heard non-Japanese people actually found the series entertaining...

Fairy Tail - iono.. I got bored. I think it was because I couldn't really find a favorite character.

Inuyasha - didn't find it that interesting...

Full-Metal Alchemist - I think it could be good, but maybe I wasn't in the mood when I watched it. I was done after the first episode.

Rozen Maiden - I love dolls so I wanted to watch it, but I couldn't find the whole series and I didn't care enough to seek out the rest so dropped.

Negi-ma! - I liked it, but since I am not really much of a fan of the shota/loli stuff, it didn't really last... I know that is part of the point of the series, so I tried to overlook it but in the end it turned me off from the series.

Sket-Dance - mmmm I think I just forgot about it. Maybe I will start watching it again...

I feel like my attention span is not very long... I am currently wondering if I should stop following KHR. I liked it at first but recently the developments have become frustratingly overdone and the plot too slow. Also, I wish he/she would delve more into developing the character backgrounds even if just a little.
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i stopped following any kind of Shonen Jump manga due to the fact that most drag on and on and the quality of the story obviously drops as well due to it mainly continuing as a cash cow series. why cant more anime be like Samurai Champloo or Toradora?

to name particular ones, i dropped:

Blood+ - the story is kind of interesting, but its only loosely related to Blood: The Last Vampire. its nothing like the movie, so i lost interest quickly.

Lucky Star - I watched the first episode, and got bored quickly. i later tried it out again, but still couldn't watch it due to lack of interest.

Sayanora Zetsubou Sensei - i started watching it because there are various scenes that are different than in the manga, but dropped it cause i was reading the manga anyways so i was seeing most of the same scenes over and over.

Detective Conan - must suck to be Conan. everybody around him seems to die in some way. i tried to catch up to the latest chapter but gave up.

Negima - when it comes to ecchi manga, i prefer the art style of Yabuki Kentarou (to-Love-ru). thus i couldn't really stand the art style of this manga. since it's mainly fan-service with some action mixed in, as well as dragging on, i just dropped it.

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