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I hate it when people make fun of me at my school for likeing anime. The horrid thing is my best friend, who also loves anime, is "in" with those of the more popular crowd and she doesn't get picked on at all. In fact she's spreading the love. Yet I still get picked on for it. XD I'm not moping, just saying. Either something's wrong with my school, people hate me, or they only like it cuz she likes it....Woot. Pointless posts. >_< I had a point when I started....I just wasted part of your life...I'm so sorry. *deep bow*
my school loves anime! we all love our own shows like my favs are FMA and Inuyasha*i think i spelled that wrong*

anyway-people who pick on other people are just insequre*spelled that wrong to! lol* and want to feel better about themselves

Face it. Otaku's are the next Trekkies and you know it. 3nodding You shouldn't care what other people think, especially if they're going to generalise you so quickly.
Then again, maybe all they've ever seen are stereotypes. rolleyes
in my school there is only lets see 3,4 5 kids in my school that like anime so i know how ya feel stressed
Maybe people shouldnt hate people for not sharing tastes maybe YOU HAVE TO BEAT THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF THEM IF THEY THINK HEYRE DIFFERENT!!!! I like anime and magna but if poeple think that they can hate a culture because their parents brainwashed a fear of japanese global supreamacy then maybe the popularity would rise if that didnt happen... trust me. When i went to see an anime film... my dumbass mom ( i dunno how the hell she knew and why is it any of her buisness coz im all on my own now) tried to stir in that crap but i like the veiws of someone who can really animate so complicated figures. oh well... peoples minds are spoken brought us war and feuds. Think about it... Should you follow someones idesas coz they want you to?
dude people who make fun of anime are mean if they don't like it then they shouldn't say anything about it unless they do like anime but they want to act all cool...jeez anime-haters!! stressed
most of the people in my class would just be like "you like anime?....what is it?"
Hobo in a box
Face it. Otaku's are the next Trekkies and you know it. 3nodding You shouldn't care what other people think, especially if they're going to generalise you so quickly.
Then again, maybe all they've ever seen are stereotypes. rolleyes

lol, i totally agree with you!

The majority of people who know I like anime think it's a nerdy thing. But that's just because it's different, I mean what? 2 out of 10 people probably know what it is and only 1 of thoes 2 actually read manga or watch anime (just made thoes numbers up for estimating purposes). There for it's un common and weird. Same with all the other outcasted styles like punk or goth, we're in the minority and that makes people questionable.
As for when they think it's porn well they are obvoiusly part of a the majority that doesn't have a clue what anime is.

ps. Pardon spelling mistakes I make... I'm to lazy to double check at the moment.
there is nothign wrong with anime if they don't do wrong things with it.
in fact, we can learn things from it too!
anime is mostly about relationships but some of them are not.
i think that anime teaches us about love.
eg: Fruits Basket, Ranma, Fullmetal Alchemist, and many other animes.
Very inresting first post. Well most people in my school just flat out don't care about it...and I suppose if you told anybody about it you would instantly be put in the nerd catagorey...even if they don't like anime......v.v

So basically at school only my close friends know I like anime here ain't no point (well to me at least) to go blurting out to everyone how you are obsessed with anime..I mean what does it gain you? Not to mention your social ranking. So to avoid that situation just keep it on the D.L okay -wink-
I hate people who say anime isnt cool it just makes them sound like some wannabes who dont like stuff b/c there afraid it will hurt there reputation, nobody makes fun of me for liking anime I dont know why but I guess I have a good amount of respect that nobdy makes fun of me or they feel bad for me for some reason im not aware of O.O I under stand if some people think its lame and there just not into it but if your doing it only to procect your reputation it jsut shows what a loser you are
It happens with everything, old fads dont cling:
When DBZ was kool, i was all over that sh*t,
knew all the stuff, we even had mock fights behind the school during recess ( I was in about 2-4 grade, dont remember which tho O_O).
As soon as Pokemon came out, DBZ loss some of its popularity, and immediately i started pokemon cards.
After that Digimon, DBZ was sparse now, and Pokemon was LAME.
Then Yu-gi-oh. Any other cards were immediately childish. In my community, the ppl that were targeted by pokemon were in about 5-9 grade by now.
And suddenly everything that was meant for a younger audience, EXCEPT yu gi oh was laughed at.
Now, its different things; clothes, watches, etc, etc.
Im just saying, this is a transition of just one community, that i was part of.

During these times, there were people who did not cling to these things. Either they sucked at cards, they couldnt remember jack from tv, or they were too dumb for an imagination. These people, as soon as their friends got out of the fad, would immediately start to make fun of it, and harass the ppl who liked it. Im guessing, that the people who make fun of anime, usually have a bad experience with it. maybe they felt left out at a time or another.
all i know for shure is
Goku COULD beat Superman...
And mods, please listen to Pym about a VS subforum...
Darr! domokun ninja

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