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I see no need for a forum for hte big 3 shonen titles unless there are tons of threads about them like with the naruto sub-forum. The only reason they got a sub-forum was because users were posting threads everywhere about them and they needed to be contained, so they made a sub-forum.

Recommendation threads are already against the forum rules, that’s why having a forum for them might be more helpful. Its apparent some users don’t read the rules and make them anyway. so Gaia should give them a place where they can ask /recommend and not bother anyone else.
I agree with whoever said there should be an official rec sticky/sub-forum. That's s**t's gotten out of hand, nearly half of the forum is covered in individual rec threads and it's suffocating actual discussion topics.
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Also, could we get something about AMVS and talking about the abridged series not belonging here since they’re fan made

Edit: Can we get something that nothing fan-made belongs here . It has nothing to do with anime manga and comics and if they want to show their fan made stuff off they can go to the forum for that (the chatterbox )
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I'd suggest, perhaps, a sticky for posting (I'd say "and discussing", but that doesn't happen in stickies) AMVs. Mods delete AMV topics like there is a sticky, but there isn't really a place for AMVs outside of the AMC either (and don't say the chatterbox- that's not exactly for anything).

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I feel that some of the current stickies are WAY to broad. I don't see how you can discuss anything when so many things are lumped under one thread. For example the "Which character..." sticky. I don't think its appropriate to discuss all of this:
Like with the Favorite Anime sticky, because of the numerous favorite/sexiest anime character/villain/bishounen/bishoujo/anime girl/fighter/catgirl/whatever threads popping up every day, it was decided to create a sticky specifically for these recurring topics.

In this sticky you can discuss...

  • which characters/villains/fighters/catgirls (whatever you can think of) are your favorites and why
  • which characters you think are the most attractive/sexy/bishie/cute/etc
  • which characters you think are the strongest/dumbest/smartest/etc
  • which character you want to be/replace/make real/etc
  • which characters are your least favorite and why you dislike them
  • which pairings, real or otherwise, do you want to see/like?
  • which animal/creature/mecha/etc are your favourites and why
  • which weapons/powers/abilities you find to be the coolest/lamest/flashies/etc and which ones you want
  • which character you'd like to marry/be trapped on an island with/go on a date with/team up with to save the world/kill or humiliate/steal from/bake cookies with (whatever you can think of)
  • who is your favorite voice actor?
  • and all similar questions

If you change your mind about your favorite you can post again later. Just don't spam.

All current and future threads in the main forum and subforums asking about favorite characters or similar will be either locked, moved to Chatterbox, or deleted.

Please stay on topic. All spam and unrelated posts in this thread will be deleted.

in one sticky. Its just to many different topics going on at once. Also hardly anyone checks these ridiculously long threads exceeding 2,000 pages. I feel like these stickies make discussions far too restrictive. Honestly I don't know what I CAN post that doesn't fall under a sticky with a million pages that no one looks at anymore. cat_sad
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Hey everyone,

I wanted to give everyone an update to this as it's been a while since we made this thread. We will still be proceeding with these changes, Kenny became incredibly busy with developer related matters so I will be taking his spot for this. We'll continue to discuss stickies, but we did want to let you know that we will be taking down TVA and Anime/Series/Movies and having discussion about those subject matters just occur in A/M/C main. The Manga subforum will stay up.
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Late to the party, this thread still active?

Increase AMC causality by not moving threads for newly announced series.
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Late to the party, this thread still active?

Increase AMC causality by not moving threads for newly announced series.

This has been explained to you before , they’re not going to do this. If the thread has enough content and is following the rules it will not be removed. Its not that hard to come up with discussion topics for a new anime besides just saying it was announced and posting a link.
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Wanted to add my opinion to this, I love that this forum is being cleaned .. could a few sub-forums be removed during the change? Namely the anime player forum ,the adventure time forum, the FMA forum and the Pokemon forum.

The pokemon forum is more about the game than the anime so it is probably better suited to the gaming forum than here . Also the Adventure time and FMA forums were for sponsorships which I believe have ended

The anime player forum is just full of spam and low content threads.I think it would be better to just put up a poll every so often asking what you want added, add a rule having users explain why they want that anime or having a sticky somewhere for that.
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Just wanted to say Great job so far on the changes to the AMC. The forum is looking much cleaner now. However, there are still a few changes I’d like to see such as:

* Rename the animation/cartoons sub-forum to Cartoons: This will cut down on any anime threads being made there as the name would be clearer that its just for cartoons not anime

*Get rid of the Tiger and Bunny and FMA sub-forums: They’re not that popular right now and the sponorships are over for them.

*Remove the pokemon sub-forum: People there mostly just talk about the game, it’d be better suited under the gaming forum as a sub-forum there.

*Update the Rules/guidelines: Make it clearer what’s allowed and what’s not. perhaps add something about no fan made stuff since that’s not really what this forum is about.

*Add a sub-forum for anime recommendations : Since people keep not reading the rules and posting them anyway, make a sub-forum where people can ask for recommendations

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