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Whos your favorite

Nightwing 0.35384615384615 35.4% [ 23 ]
SuperBoy 0.092307692307692 9.2% [ 6 ]
Tim Drake 0.061538461538462 6.2% [ 4 ]
Aqualad 0.046153846153846 4.6% [ 3 ]
BeastBoy 0.12307692307692 12.3% [ 8 ]
Red Arrow 0.046153846153846 4.6% [ 3 ]
Kid Flash 0.12307692307692 12.3% [ 8 ]
Impulse 0.046153846153846 4.6% [ 3 ]
Blue Beetle 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 5 ]
Lagoon Boy 0.030769230769231 3.1% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 65 ]
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Just want to see who's the most favored male character.Lol
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Don't make me choose! ><
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For me its pretty close between Nightwing, Kid Flash, and Superboy. I kind of liked Aqualad in the first season too but then it kinda felt like they didn't really do anything with him. However, the stuff with him in the second season has me intrigued.
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Unexpectedly, Superboy. He's gets the most interesting episodes when he's the central character. He was kind of boring in the group episodes during season 1, but in season 2 even when running around with other characters he's been interesting to watch, so I look forward to any episodes with him now.

Otherwise my most preferred member of the team is Nightwing or Blue Beetle; in season 1 it was Kaldur.
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Oh, out of the new season 2 guys Blue Beetle is definately my favorite so far. Which is strange, since I'm not fond of Jaime in the comics (and by the comics I actually just mean comics in general).
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Tim and Beastie are my favorites!
You should also make one for the girls.
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Shouldn't Tim just be Robin? Granted that d**k is Nightwing. Kind of makes the poll weird but whatever. I guess for now I like KF still.
I'll go for KF.
Blue Beetle and Nightwing are my favs.
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Thats so hard! I would have to say KF or Nightwing.
It was close between Nightwing, Tim Drake, KF, and Impulse.
Tim drake & Nightwing
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LOL Lagoon boy has no votes. HA HA
LOL Lagoon boy has no votes. HA HA

Of course fish boy doesn't have any votes, LOL JK XD

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