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Favorite character was Vlad, fave episode was the one Ember first appeared in, annnnnd Phantom Planet was total suckage.

I miss that show.
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Does anyone remember Danny Phantom? If you do, who was you Favorite Character? What was your favorite episode? Am I the only one that hated Phantom Planet?

My favorite character was Sam. She was my role model as a kid.
My favorite episode was Ultimate Enemy. That episode was amazing and introduced one of the coolest characters of all time, Clockwork. That guy is Badass.

Yes, it's the fandom (or phandom) I'm currently obsessing over. There's still a lot of phans but the phandom itself has died. Seriously, can't even find any active fansites or roleplays..

Vlad is my favorite character now ever since re-watching it. My love for villains makes me love him, I swear sweatdrop .

Hm... TUE, Masters of All Time (Jack/Maddie AND Vlad/Maddie? YES), Eye for an Eye (despite S3 being s**t), or Maternal Instincts... Ah s**t, they're all Vlad-centric episodes. His awkward interactions are so hilarious though!

No, the majority hates it, because the bad writing really shows, especially with Vlad's Villain Decay showing in full, as well as it being the final episode. Plus, it didn't do anything to wrap up Valerie or Dani's plots.

I actually have an OC I've made, but since I can't draw for s**t, Romy is doomed to never being known since apparently you have to draw to get known.
My favorite character is Danny's Dad Jack xd & My favorite episode is Ember's episode heart

I rember that show. My fab character was Danny and every episodes a favorite lol
Danny Phantom is amazing. Haven't watched it much since second grade or something, though. 4 greatest cartoons: Spongebob Squarepants, Jimmy Neutron, Fairly OddParents, and Danny Phantom. But my opinion is incredibly biased because I grew up with these shows. XD

Anyways, Ember was always my favorite character. heart
(and the Box Ghost. XD)
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Sam was my favorite, but I always loved the goth characters.
I liked the ep with Ember but my favorite was the one where they went into a game world. Might be why I'm such a gothic gamer now lol.
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I used to go around singing, "Ember!!! You will remember! YOU. WILL. REMEMBER. My. NAME!
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Ember was my favorite. lol But I remember after the first time I saw the episode I was like "s**t what was her name again" XD;;
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omg i do liiikeeed dat show until they had freakin remove it freakin Nickelodeon
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DF was
one of the few nick shows I loved
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I love danny the show was great and I miss it
I remember smile
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I remember it. I've watched it from time to time but don't remember anyone's name on there except for Danny Phantom of course.
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my favorite character is danny (of course)
my favorite episode is between ultimate enemey and phantom planet
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I remember watching Danny Phantom. My sister has downloaded that onto her computer and watches it religiously and has made fanfics of it. When it was out, it was one of the better cartoons around that time now, I think its okay smile and I still watch it from time to time. Favorite characters would have to Sam and Tucker really. My least favorite characters would have to be Paulina and Danny's parents as they seem to be ridiculously stupid. I hate it when writers do that, makes me want to gag really. Oh well.

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